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The Readers' Forum: Sunday letters

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More lawsuits

Having read about the lawsuit against our own local business Texas Pete for not really being from Texas (“T.W. Garner faces federal lawsuit focused on where Texas Pete is made,” Oct. 11), I was wondering if the Journal could please supply contact info about the law firm that’s taken this case. I am sure I have a good case, too.

I’ve come to realize that Hawaiian Punch is not really from Hawaii. Kentucky Fried Chicken is not really from Kentucky. And here’s something maybe for a class action suit: French fries are not really from France.

Carolyn Schneider


Current events

Energy prices, once-in-a-generation high inflation, ever-rising levels of crime, horrible primary education results, all brought together under unchecked borrowing with a background of increasing rates. If you thought I was talking about the United States you are wrong.

No wonder British Prime Minister Liz Truss fired herself after 45 days. Too bad we cannot force the same result from President Biden. At least we have the midterms to look forward to. Please, please get out and vote.

Hil Cassell



Are you a patriot? Do you love your country?

I imagine the majority of your readers, if asked those questions, would say yes. Perhaps “Hell, yes!”

Are you willing to sacrifice for your country?

“Of course!”

Are you willing to endure a bit of economic distress to keep extremists from taking over the country and eroding your freedom of speech, your freedom of religion, your freedom to make your own medical decisions and your freedom to elect your own officials?

How about sacrificing to protect your economic freedom, in terms of the Social Security and Medicare you’ve been paying into and count on to allow you to retire one day?

Those are the stakes.

Incidentally, if you choose otherwise, there’s no guarantee that the people who steal your freedoms will also give you cheaper gas. The people charging you high prices now are their best friends, after all.

Jane Freemont Gibson



In reaction to President Biden’s student loan forgiveness proposal in August, Sen. Ted Cruz wrote, “Let’s be clear — there’s no way to ‘cancel’ student debt.” He said that the rest of us would have to carry the burden that Biden “forgave.”

He didn’t make that argument in 2017 when Republicans forced through a tax cut for rich people and shifted the burden to the rest of us. No, that burden just mysteriously vanished into the ether.

Cruz also complained that the student loan forgiveness would benefit “that slacker barista who wasted seven years in college studying completely useless things. ... “ But I guess that argument didn’t win enough donations, because the complaint I see in the commercials against Cheri Beasley’s support for student loan forgiveness is that blue-collar workers will have to pay for student loans given to doctors.

I wish Republicans would make up their minds what they dislike and why. Consistency and reason seem to be too much to ask.

I’m voting for Cheri Beasley for U.S. Senate. I’ve got a feeling she’ll stick to her principles.

Bethany Pare


Just in time

Just in time for Halloween (and elections), we received two very dark and spooky ads (real negative zingers!) from the N.C. Republican Party encouraging us to vote against Carla Catalan Day for N.C. House District 74.

Don’t be tricked into missing the treat of having this compassionate young mother as our representative in Raleigh. She is homegrown (Meadowlark and West Forsyth High School) and passionate about child care and health. Far from opposing school resource officers, she is married to a policeman.

The Rev. Stewart and Grace Ellis


The value of truth

I am yearning for an awakening of truth and the value of truth in America. There is so much misinformation, half-truths and false statements made, with no facts to support them.

A headline in the Oct. 17 Journal said: “Poll: Most in US say misinformation spurs hate.” Many political ads do just that. They demean and degrade their opponent with statements that are just not true.

I implore you to research any statement that you might be tempted to believe at face value. We do not want to reward those who mislead us with misinformation with political office.

Martha Albertson



c economics

Inflation is scary. The Republicans say the Democrats are responsible, but this inflation is clearly worldwide. President Biden has taken several effective steps to improve the gas and energy costs resulting from Russia’s criminal war in Ukraine. Studies always show better U.S. economic performance under Democratic presidents. Today’s real question is can the Fed fix it?

Since price increases often result from giant corporations (why we still face baby formula shortages), some regulations and understandable taxes on business are reasonable. In reality, the Democrats do not want to raise your taxes (unless you make more than $500,000 and then slight increases above that). They’ve proposed increasing taxes on big corporations … again, not you. Are you upset about asking the super-rich to pay their share?

For perspective: According to CNN, Mexican drug cartels take in between $19 billion and $29 billion annual U.S. sales. That is big money. But more than 25 American billionaires (no drug link implied) make more, and they’ve been paying an average income rate of 4.8%. Clearly both Republicans’ consistent wealthy tax protection and their usual plans to cut Social Security are not coming from inflation-beaters, compared to your taxes.

When inflation hits, Americans need help. The 2021 child tax credit worth $300 per month to parents for valuable food, child care or gas-to-work help could have continued during inflation. But Republicans voted no! Save billionaires’ taxes.

It is clear which party will help you. Don’t vote for who talks tough. Vote Democratic for your pocketbook.

Dave Fergusson


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