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The Readers' Forum: Sunday letters

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It’s this simple: If Republicans win, we can brace ourselves to say goodbye to legal abortion and Social Security.

What matters more than that?

Gus Raines


The right decision

In regard to “Early voting tops 16,000 in Forsyth County” (Oct. 25), I’m happy to see that so many people are showing up to the polls. I believe that this is one of the most important local elections we have experienced in a long time.

The importance of preserving our reproductive rights and freedoms is something that resonates with me and many others within the Triad. I have lived here my entire life and as a current student, the outcome of this election could decide where I end up moving to once I graduate. I don’t want to be in an area where I fear that I cannot get the correct care I need in regard to my reproductive organs.

I hope that every person who is angry about their reproductive rights having to be on the ballot shows up and votes. This is for your sisters, daughters, mothers, granddaughters and the future women in the Triad. Please make the right decision.

Miranda Grubbs


Whom to vote for

I implore fellow voters to not singularly heed warnings and read opinions backing and confirming their biases. There must be an individual analytical determination on whom to vote for.

Comb all of the candidates’ websites; send emails or call and start a discussion with them. If they do not respond, then you know how they’ll be as an elected official. But do not judge based on lawn signs, social media ads, radio ads, newspaper ads or billboards. If you know of any events where they’ll be attending, actively listen and ask wholesome questions.

The importance of elections is tenfold and those who complain are often those who come late to the game. We all have lives, but what we do day-to-day can be shaken up into a tizzy if we don’t pay attention.

Be a responsible voter, and not an emotionally charged actor foraying ignorant and regrettable comments and actions.

Troy Chavez


Storybook time

You know you are reading a book of children’s fairy tales from the fiction section when you see the words “once upon a time.” You will see those words again when historians write their account of the people who refused to accept the results of the 2020 presidential election.

The election was not the fairy tale, but the election-deniers will be the characters in the story that takes place in the same universe where unicorns roam and Peter Pan and the Lost Boys play.

Unfortunately, this election-denial group includes both incumbents and political newcomers who, without one ounce of voter fraud evidence, are using election denial as part of their campaign. Do they really believe that being a nation in Neverland will make America great? Or is the Mother Goose election-fraud drama a distraction to hide their true agenda of cutting/ending Social Security, Medicare and other vital programs that they view as “wasteful spending”? Will these programs be held hostage as part of their political extortion agenda?

Be aware of whom and what you are voting for. If you vote for a candidate who does not acknowledge the truth but depends on disinformation, you are building your house with straw or sticks, and you know how that story ends.

Gary Meeks


Look for facts

It’s so discouraging to see a letter like “Vote for Zenger” (Oct. 27), blaming President Biden for inflation, after we’ve all been exposed — or should have been — to sound and factual information that sets the record straight. Inflation is a worldwide problem and we’re actually doing better than most countries.

Don’t conservatives ever read anyone else’s letters? Don’t they ever look for facts? Or do they just believe whatever Fox News tells them to believe?

I guess we know the answer already, don’t we?

Roger Allman


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