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The Readers' Forum: Support Biden's efforts
The Readers’ Forum

The Readers' Forum: Support Biden's efforts

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Dr. Julie Ann Freischlag discusses COVID surge, toll on staff

Support Biden’s efforts

I note that President Biden is being attacked continuously by Republicans for his response to COVID and its variants. It is difficult for everyone, but let us not forget that former President Trump’s stated approach was not to test as then the positive rate would go up (sort of the logic of a 4-year-old) and lack of acknowledgment from the get-go of the seriousness of the virus. Then, when he couldn’t lie it away, Trump moved into the blame game. Then praising the freedom of those who didn’t observe the guidelines (like at his reception for Supreme Court Justice Amy Coney Barrett) opposing vaccinations and attending his large rallies and on and on.

COVID has been a bear; we have to learn on the fly as the science information progresses and changes. Biden is not omniscient nor is anyone else. Let’s be supportive of his efforts to help us live our healthiest lives. I don’t know anyone who would want to take this on.

Robyn Mixon


Stop the steal

I can’t believe this happened again. Alabama won that national championship game. Stop the steal!

A couple of close calls could have gone either way. We want an investigation even though there’s no evidence of anything wrong. On the contrary, both calls favored the Tide for points that maybe they didn’t deserve. So, maybe don’t investigate those calls. But we’ll take a hard look to find something else and when we do, we want ‘Bama fans to judge the replays. They know better than those experienced and unbiased referees.

And now we want “super-referees” who can override the ones on the field. So, ‘Bama needs to get its biggest boosters and donors on the rules committee because we need new rules, too.

You can still have the coin toss, but we get to toss a weighted one. And when making substitutions during a ‘Bama game, opposing team players have to run back to the locker room before they can get onto the field. If the play is over before they get there, that’s too bad. Rules are rules.

Right now, the coach needs to call those referees and plead his case: “I just need you to find me 16 points, which is more than we had.”

‘Bama won and everybody knows it. Coach needs to get his fans to storm the press box to change the scoreboard before the Georgia team gets invited to the White House.

I wish this were funny. It’s not.

Randell Jones


Optimism vs. shame

I woke up on Jan. 6 and searched out all the editorials and editorial cartoons about the insurrection.

But I was reminded that Jan. 6 is also Epiphany, the Christian celebration of the arrival of the three Magi come to see the baby Jesus.

On the one hand, the optimism and joy of Christ’s birth. And on the other, the shameful anniversary of the insurrection.

As far as I can remember, the insurrection was only the second time in American history when Washington, D.C., was assaulted. The first was the attack in 1814 by the British army, part of the War of 1812. The British burned the White House. Dolley Madison oversaw the hastened removal of artwork and such to protect it.

This time, the marauders were home-grown, Americans in name only. They damaged the Capitol, posed for selfies, left mounds of trash and carried off purloined souvenirs.

What a dichotomy. The celebration of the birth of the Prince of Peace and mob violence and destruction. All of America should be ashamed and very angry. Those insurrectionists do not represent all of us. And they should reap the whirlwind.

David Bell


Not moving on

Of all the specious arguments I have ever heard, the one expressed in the letter “Move on” (Jan. 9) is the dumbest. The letter stated that 100,000 people attended the “rally” in Washington last January, but since fewer than 1,000 have been charged, we as a nation should just “move on.” This suggestion is beyond my ability to consider in view of the reports of a few million dollars in property damage, 130 some police officers injured, threats to hang Vice President Mike Pence, as well as others.

There were reports of a shooting at Mount Tabor High School last fall. Since only one student has been charged and the others are not, should we just “move on”?

Paul D. Whitson



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