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The Readers' Forum: This is public 'safety'?

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Undercover militia?

Given the July 13 article “Local GOP to raffle off guns, ammo” and recent hearings and testimonies on the Jan. 6 insurrection, it’s becoming clearer that some groups in the Republican Party, the NRA and extremist groups carry a troubling like-mindedness to public “safety.” They are clueless or just indifferent to how angry citizen/mobs are created, equipped and motivated to do what they do to innocent citizens in public spaces.

It’s illegal to raffle off baskets with alcohol, but how are guns less threatening to public safety?

In the 1800s, hyper-violence was used to retain slavery and economic and social domination. Those who espouse it today sadly believe that it will bring this country to its former glory and honor, that social and economic dominance justifies the power and use of a weapon.

This political party and its lobbying constituents are creating their own institution of violent tyranny, sadly believing that living in the past is the American way.

It was the American way at one time, but continuing to hold to these American frontier and Manifest Destiny ideals in light of the truths of so much violence is truly what is causing civil war and preventing this country from moving forward economically and socially. Raffling guns sounds like an undercover way of equipping a militia, not promoting individual Second Amendment rights.

Barb Robless


Presidents and problems

I have been watching the Jan. 6 hearings on TV and listening on the radio and many questions come to mind.

One question is: If I was the president of the United States, and I started a riot and told the followers who voted for me to riot, would they put me in jail?

There are laws we must obey. Once you take office you become the leader of this country. As president, you should be able to talk and work with Congress and Congress should work with you.

Former President Barack Obama is a good example to look at as president, and now we have President Joe Biden. These two presidents have acted as a U.S. president should.

I feel that we are having a civil war in Washington, D.C., and our country. There are people who have no respect for our country and what it stands for: life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, regardless of means. So, whoever becomes the next president, please try not to hurt our country the way former President Trump did, because he created problems that we are still trying to solve. God help us all.

James Fleming


A spectacular show

My family had the pleasure of enjoying “Elf The Musical” by the Winston-Salem/Forsyth County Summer Enrichment Musical Theatre Program recently (“Theater ‘boot camp,’” July 20). It was a truly spectacular show and this is quickly becoming an annual favorite event for my family.

Kudos for a job well done to all involved. Our community should be proud of this event.

Jessica Telligman


Too much

The July 21 cartoon with the “baby shower” for the pregnant 10-year-old is obscene.

I realize that cartoonists want to exaggerate for effect, but having a party of conservatives throw a celebratory baby shower for a pregnant 10-year-old in which all the gifts are firearms is just too much. The only thing worse would be if such a thing happened in real life.

Chris Grosser


In charge

On my way to work last week, I noticed that the price of gas, per gallon, is only pennies away from $4 a gallon.

Thanks, President Biden!

He’s in charge of gas prices, right? Isn’t that how it works?

Randy Mendelsohn


Thanks for the care

I’m grateful to be living in a community served by Novant Health.

Unfortunately, I was hospitalized several days last week with COVID and pneumonia. Fortunately, Novant is here!

Even though I know they’re short-staffed, every single person from doctors to cleaning staff was polite, responsive and concerned.

Thanks for being there and making me better!

Bill Loeffler



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