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The Readers' Forum: Thursday letters

The Readers' Forum: Thursday letters

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Discriminatory bills

In 29 states, transgender children have no legal rights. They can be denied employment and housing simply because they don’t align with other people’s idea of how they should be.

But that’s not enough for some governors. Across the country, there are 28 bills being pushed by 90 lawmakers that serve to limit the access that transgender kids have to health care, that even make some health care access illegal and that kick them out of sports. These bills are not backed by medical science and will lead to transgender children suffering needlessly.

I know there are conservative groups that are pushing similar bills here. They say that bills to protect LGBTQ rights violate their rights.

How? By forcing them to treat LGBTQ people like human beings? That violates their rights?

I’d like to know specifically what rights of theirs are being violated. It sounds like they want to protect their right to just spit on people they don’t like.

North Carolina is about to become a battleground because conservatives once again have a problem understanding that other people have the same rights they have. That’s all this is — trying to keep an upper hand of some kind so they don’t have to accept that other people are equal to them.

We can’t let these conservatives control our state. I urge everyone to contact their legislators and tell them to protect LGBTQ rights.

Hannah McCardle


A bell curve

In any human endeavor there exists a bell curve of performance. There are gifted auto mechanics, bad mechanics, great writers and poor writers, fantastic singers and those who can’t carry a tune in a bucket.

So why must we persist in the ridiculous fantasy that all teachers are performing heroically in the face of pandemic instruction? Current test results suggest that many teachers have not been able to cope with the demands of alternative strategies.

Somehow Winston-Salem/Forsyth County Schools board member Elisabeth Motsinger justifies poor performance by saying it could have been worse (“More pupils falling behind,” March 19). No doubt there are many parents with jobs that are deemed essential who have worked and risked exposure for a year. They must blanch at the craven, self-serving excuses of school officials.

A great mass of educators canceled a classroom day in May 2019 to whine in Raleigh about the pay of their noble brethren, as if all teachers are Anne Sullivan enabling Helen Keller. The Journal should publish a full page of solicited parent comments about their children’s teachers’ performance. Withhold the names but not the schools they attend and let new school superintendent Tricia McManus see if her employees are more like Socrates or the less successful Daedalus.

The fact that 98% of our students don’t comprehend this analogy should tell us something. It’s just Greek to them, isn’t it?

Harry R. Cooke


What if?

I’ve got a theory.

What if QAnon is actually a Democratic operative playing five-dimensional chess?

Hear me out.

Former President Trump was a friend of Jeffrey Epstein, a known child-sex trafficker. Trump has been accused of many sexual misdeeds, including with a minor. He has also defended Epstein’s associate, Ghislaine Maxwell, who is currently under indictment for sex trafficking. Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz is now being investigated for alleged sex with a minor.

Trump associates Roger Stone, Sebastian Gorka, Mike Lindell and Steve Bannon, among others, all look and act like villains from a James Bond movie.

What if there really is a secret cabal of cannibalistic, satanic child-sex traffickers, but instead of Democrats, like QAnon says now, it’s really Republicans? What if QAnon is working in the deep, deep state, fooling the Republicans into thinking he’s working with them to promote their made-up conspiracy theories, but he’s really gathering evidence on all these criminal Republicans and they’re going to be arrested and charged? What if? Huh?

It’s no crazier than anything Georgia Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene has said.

Helen Batterton


Don’t buy it

I don’t buy it.

I don’t believe that people who hate immigrants, hate minorities, hate unwed mothers, hate poor people, hate liberals, hate everyone else also love unborn babies. I don’t buy it.

If they were truly “pro-life,” they’d support giving resources to struggling mothers, like child care and prenatal health care and education. They’d support something besides the most draconian solution: find ways to mete out punishment and shame.

I’ll believe it, maybe, when they vote for tax increases to support struggling mothers. But they won’t, because they love their money more than the unborn.

Deen Locke


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