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The Readers' Forum: Thursday letters

The Readers' Forum: Thursday letters

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For real?

I know there have been a lot of jokes about President Trump’s mental capacities — and some serious allegations because of the way he talks and acts. But for him to leave Walter Reed Hospital all hopped up on steroids and stand on that balcony, gasping for breath, and then, without a mask on, go into the White House, where infections are on the rise — is this for real?

Who was he saluting?

Why does he insist on urging Americans to throw away their masks when wearing masks have saved lives?

Does he want Americans to die or does he just not care as long as he can stand in front of flashing camera lights?

You don’t recover from COVID in three days, not even with the best treatment. It’s not a matter of being “tough.” A germ doesn’t care if you’re “tough.”

Trump was irresponsible, selfish and capricious before. Now he is seriously risking American lives, all so he can look good.

Sarah Fount


Coronavirus experience

Now the Trump campaign is arguing that Joe Biden lacks “firsthand” coronavirus experience.

Seriously? Biden has managed to avoid becoming infected like the incompetent president and they’re trying to play that off as a negative? They must think Americans are stupid.

They might be right.

The guy with "firsthand" experience who said he "got it" immediately went for a joy ride so he could infect some Secret Service agents. What did his "firsthand" experience teach him? Not much.

I’m supporting the guy who’s smart enough to keep from catching a viral pandemic by taking simple but effective steps, not the guy who is just the opposite of that.

Henry Darter


Cunningham should resign

Cal Cunningham has based his entire Senate campaign on being an honorable U.S. Army officer and a dedicated family man. His recent admission of an illicit affair makes it obvious he is neither (“N.C. Senate race upended by sexting, virus diagnosis,” Oct. 4). He has disgraced himself and the U.S. Army by engaging in conduct unbecoming an officer.

He should end his campaign for the U.S. Senate. He should resign his commission as an Army Reserve officer. The Army should bring court martial charges under article 134 of the Uniformed Code of Military Justice against Cal Cunningham.

He is a liar, without character and not deserving of anyone’s vote to represent North Carolina in the U.S. Senate. As a proud retired Army officer, I do not want him in my Army or the U.S. Senate.

Larry Wood


Inaction demands action

On Oct. 4, a letter to this paper complained about the negative impact of Gov. Roy Cooper’s actions to protect us from COVID-19 (“Cooper’s decisions”). As a retired person from both civilian and Navy management, I look at the actions of Gov. Cooper on COVID-19 with a different perspective.

When great leaders see a major crisis developing that threatens the lives of the people they have been chosen to lead, they act decisively to protect the lives of those people and their way of life.

We know that President Trump was briefed in early January and then frequently on the growing threat of the COVID-19 virus to our nation and its citizens. We also know that he repeatedly ignored the looming threat of the virus for at least two months. At the same time, other world leaders began preparing for a dangerous pandemic, not experienced on our planet since 1918 when more than 675,000 people in the U.S. died.

In contrast to inaction and lies by President Trump, Gov. Cooper prepared his administration and our state to manage COVID-19 and protect the lives of as many of our citizens as possible. In the absence of consistent guidance from the Trump administration, our governor, working with his public health advisers, developed a plan to minimize the number of deaths and to hasten the restoration of our state’s economy.

Gov. Cooper’s courageous action plan and leadership on COVID-19 have earned my vote on Nov. 3 and I hope yours.

Harry Weiler


Candidates' messages

It is fair to judge candidates by the messages that are put forward on their behalf. In the 74th state legislative district, we are receiving daily, deceptive mail fliers that purport to be about one candidate but are in fact designed to use untruths and misrepresentation to push another. They appear to be funded by the same dark money groups that use fear and intimidation to manipulate North Carolina politics.

The best that can be said about these messages is that perhaps they can be recycled rather than taking up valuable space in a landfill.

The way to stand up to such shameful political tricks is to vote for Dan Besse, an experienced public servant whose record demonstrates decency, moderation, honor, integrity and sincerity. These political values are always in style, and we need them now more than ever in our state legislature.

Stan Meiburg


Vote soon

Monday's Journal featured a political cartoon in which a man seemed to be camped out waiting by a sign that said "Vote Nov. 3." I, too, am eager to vote, but won't be waiting till Nov. 3.

Early in-person voting starts across the state Oct. 15! Get information about early voting times and locations at Be sure to scroll down and find the blue "Early Voting" button.

Jessica McCrory


'Below the belt'

Donald Trump Jr. says attacks on the president in the wake of his COVID-19 diagnosis are “way below the belt.”

Look, I’m not trying to justify anyone being nasty; we have too much of that in the world. But when President Trump stood on stage four years ago and made fun of Hillary Clinton for having pneumonia — wasn’t that way below the belt? When he made fun of the reporter with the deformed arm — wasn’t that way below the belt? Or his comments about Megyn Kelly’s blood? Or his suggestions that Joe Biden is suffering dementia, or on drugs or being fed information? Or the way he talks about immigrants and protesters? Or his whole “fake news” thing about any story he doesn’t like or any reporter who doesn’t kiss his butt? Trump’s comments about everyone except Vladimir Putin, Kim Jong Un and Proud Boys are below the belt.

I’m sorry, but Trump specializes in below the belt. We should all be civil, but Trump has no leg to stand on, nor do his children, when they complain about nasty criticism. That's their bread and butter.

Roger Reaves



There are few, but precious, institutionalized varieties of fidelity in our lives. We see them mostly in vows to country and spouse. Issues of trust undergird our institutions time and again in almost every election, if not current, then regurgitated across media and party scandals.

Cal Cunningham has a family trust to rebuild (“N.C. Senate race upended by sexting, virus diagnosis,” Oct. 4). Sen. Thom Tillis is regularly repairing his loyalty with his party, the president and his North Carolina constituents. Both are issues of human judgment that we can only watch and speculate from afar. We vote, often sadly and with reservation, on that speculation.

We are left with the “body of trust” we observe and chronicle over time. I’m sticking with Cunningham. My judgment is that his wife and family will be negotiating trust with him for far longer than Tillis’s flip-flopping vow to country and our fickle, trust-weary, masked and retaliatory president.

Bill Donohue



“Don’t be afraid of COVID-19,” said the president from his world-class hospital room, where he receives limitless medical care.

Right. Don’t be afraid of the pandemic that has killed 210,000 Americans and will kill you if you act as carelessly as he did.

Megan Ranney


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