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The Readers' Forum: Thursday letters

The Readers' Forum: Thursday letters

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Evenly split

This talk about eliminating the filibuster to pass the Biden agenda is just more evidence that the American people don’t want what President Biden is pushing.

The U.S. Senate is evenly split and the U.S. House is not far from being even. There’s no clear mandate for the “extras” Biden wants. But he could pass a bipartisan infrastructure deal tomorrow if he limited it to what everyone in the nation, Democrats and Republicans, see we need.

It concerns me that the American people are so divided. But the way to heal that division is to act on the things we agree on, not keep pushing for one extreme or the other.

If Biden doesn’t understand that, he doesn’t deserve to be president.

Kevin Fields


Unquestioning Republicans

Southern Republicans are coming across as gullible, and bless their hearts, a little on the unquestioning side. (This is a kind way of saying they look ignorant.) No matter what the Republican Party or Fox News tells them, they believe it.

A long time ago a friend told me, “Don’t believe anything you hear and only half of what you see.” He was 100%, Georgia/north Florida Southern.

I used to think most Southerners were smart, with a built-in manure detector, like my friend, but something has happened to the modern Republicans’ sense of smell. How could anyone but a sucker believe that Joe Biden stole the election after all the recounts and court cases? But here they are, believing it with all their hearts because the loser, who, by the way, is a fast-talking Yankee con man, told them so. I still like them as friends, but Lordy, did they fall for it.

And in addition, some of these same people won’t get vaccinated, even if it will save lives. Why? Because someone fed them a pile of trash, and they ate it like it was steak.

Come on people, put on your thinking caps and reason through these lies. For one, ask: How come every election held in 2020 was legitimate except the one lost by you-know-who? And ask: If I don’t get vaccinated, and contract COVID and give it to my grandmother, who passes from it, will I forgive myself?

This guilt could be avoided with vaccination.

John Wooding


The White House is taking an unorthodox approach to encourage more Americans to get vaccinated. Source by: Stringr

Fixing this

Think for a minute how bizarre this is.

Former President Trump won the Electoral College vote in 2016, but lost the popular vote. More voters wanted his opponent, Hillary Clinton, to be president.

During Trump’s four years in office, his overall approval rating never reached 50%.

His presidency was chaotic. He threw everything into turmoil. He blew the pandemic response, costing hundreds of thousands of American lives.

His 2020 opponent, Joe Biden, regularly polled higher than he did. It should be no surprise that he won by more than 7 million votes.

Republican election officials admitted it. Even Trump's own officials admitted it.

But Trump's followers are convinced that Biden somehow cheated.

They're so convinced even after dozens of ballot recounts and audits. Eight months after the election, some of them are still coming up with fanciful ways for Trump to be installed back in office.

Not only that, but his party is tacitly running on his Big Lie.

I cannot think of anything more delusional.

Are people really that gullible? That desperate? Trump is a proved con man, but they choose him over the obvious truth.

It's sad, but it's not just sad. It's a danger to our society. Some of Trump's supporters are threatening a civil war because they can't handle the truth.

Who's going to fix this? Republicans?

Jane Freemont Gibson


Trump recommends

Marc Thiessen gave me a chuckle with his July 8 column "Lure the unvaccinated by giving Trump credit." He believes that by simply reminding unvaccinated Trump supporters that the vaccine was developed during his administration, followers will rush to get inoculated.

Maybe with this marketing strategy, McDonald's could increase its Big Mac and fries sales by reminding his supporters of former President Trump’s go-to meal.

Delores Ewing



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