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The Readers' Forum: Thursday letters

The Readers' Forum: Thursday letters

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Fighting back

In response to the Oct. 7 letter “What ‘fair share’?” I’ll say this: Joe Biden’s platform, which would require corporations and rich folks to pay more in taxes, didn’t occur in a bubble — it follows President Trump’s generous tax giveaway to the wealthy, which further shifted the burden of paying for police, schools and infrastructure to the middle class.

What is a “fair share”? It’s more than I’m paying. It’s more than Trump’s $750. Warren Buffett noted years ago that he paid a lower tax rate than his secretary — it’s more than that.

The letter writer says that demanding a fair share from the wealthy is a form of class envy or jealousy. I think the more serious fault is the greed that motivates the rich to pay as little as they can while profiting from what we all build.

“Corporations and people who have some available money are the ones who create jobs,” he writes. No they’re not. Demand creates jobs. If we’ve learned anything from coronavirus it should be that the rich need us — the workers — on the front lines or their money flow stops.

“Their investments benefit all of us,” he writes. No they don’t. They keep the benefits while the rest of us can’t even afford to go to the doctor in the middle of a damn pandemic.

I’m tired of people arguing for why the wealthy deserve more breaks than working people. They only call it “class warfare” when we fight back.

Eve Winslow


Incredibly important

It’s National Hispanic Heritage Month and it is incredibly important that we educate our community, neighbors and friends on the unique health risks facing Hispanic-Americans. Over 40% of Hispanic-Americans suffer from cardiovascular disease, which is also their leading cause of death. Hispanic populations face a higher instance of heart disease due to four contributing factors: lack of awareness, diabetes, obesity and high blood pressure. As a neighborhood engagement partner for Novant Health, I’ve also personally seen this impact Latinx women in our community.

According to the American Heart Association:

  • 56% of Hispanic women are unaware that heart disease is their greatest health risk.
  • Hispanic women in their 20s are nearly eight times more likely to die from CVD than breast cancer.
  • Nearly 40% of Hispanic women have diabetes or pre-diabetes.
  • 76% of Hispanic women are overweight or obese.
  • Nearly 30% of Hispanic women have high blood pressure.

Visit your primary care physician to evaluate your overall health and speak to family members to learn your family history. I also encourage you to start your heart healthy journey by exercising at least three times a week, drinking more water and adding more fruits and vegetables to your meals.

Forsyth County Go Red for Women, sponsored by Novant Health, is celebrating all women in Forsyth County, supporting women wherever they may be in their journey and encouraging all women to put their health first.

Shining a light on the loving hearts of Hispanic women in our community!

Nora Toncel


Proud of Dan

Dan Besse has represented the Southwest Ward on the Winston-Salem City Council for the 16 years he has served. While I’ll be sorry to lose him as a council representative, I’m voting for him for the North Carolina House District 74. I support Dan because we need representatives who understand our challenges and who will support good schools, a clean environment and jobs with living wages and excellent benefits.

Dan favors better pay for teachers, excellent health care for our citizens, clean air and water, and creating jobs so our children don’t have to leave the area to succeed.

Dan listens to everyone, carefully considers all aspects of issues, and then stands up for what is right. He’s not afraid to take on the tough issues and he works on practical solutions that address the needs of children, families and older adults. He doesn’t give up until the job is done.

When Dan goes to Raleigh, I know that I will have a representative I can be proud of and someone who won’t forget the people he represents. It’s time for big changes in Raleigh. I urge all voters to vote for Dan Besse.

Marjorie Hoots


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