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The Readers' Forum: Thursday letters

The Readers' Forum: Thursday letters

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Business opportunities

The April 3 letter “Unintended consequences” attacks the Biden American Jobs Plan because it raises the corporate tax rate from 21% to 28%. It complains that the increase puts the U.S. rate “back in the top worldwide corporate rates.” It claims the plan will result in higher prices for goods and services, reduced hiring, smaller wage increases and benefits, and reduced dividend payments. It ignores the millions of jobs the plan will generate.

The writer appears to compare our corporate tax rate to that of European countries that pay their bills with value-added taxes — taxes on value added at every stage of production. American consumers would feel real financial pain from a value-added tax enacted to compensate for a low corporate tax rate.

And let’s be realistic: Few major companies pay the legislated corporate tax rate. The effective rate they pay is lowered by exemptions, preferences and deductions.

President Joe Biden welcomed March job data as America’s employers unleashed a burst of hiring, adding 916,000 jobs for the month.

The Trump-era corporate tax cut from 35% to 21% added massively to the national debt, for which we taxpayers are liable. It enabled companies to buy back stock and increase dividends, but created few jobs. It widened the wealth gap.

Americans shouldn’t tolerate high unemployment, crumbling bridges, rough roads, broadband-deprived areas and substandard school buildings so businesses can enjoy a low tax rate. The American Jobs Plan will create business opportunities, get workers hired and make travel better on highways and the internet. It’s a win-win-win.

Larry Roth


Simple life

I hate how everything has become politicized by “woke” liberals. Now if I want to drink a soft drink, I have to check its corporate political stance on voting. If I want to watch sports, I have to check each team’s political stance on police brutality. If I want to read a book, I have to check whether its author wrote any racist books 30 years ago.

Why can’t life be simple, the way it used to be? Why is someone always trying to stir up trouble?

Gary C. Parent


The All-Star Game will be played at Coors Field in Denver. Major League Baseball officially announced the new venue Tuesday after pulling the Midsummer Classic from Atlanta over objections to extensive changes to Georgia's voting laws.

Once honorable

Notice how Republican politicians and pundits use euphemisms?

Treating people with respect when addressing them is “political correctness.” Holding officials accountable for what they say is “cancel culture.” Any shared resource that makes life better for everyone is "socialism."

They use these terms to cloud over what they’re really saying, which is often steeped in racism, sexism, greed or lies, like former President Trump’s Big Lie. They read “The Cat in the Hat” on Facebook rather than the Dr. Seuss works that are being discontinued for racist stereotypes and pretend they’re the same thing.

This is also happening with their voting restrictions and with their laws preventing trans kids from being treated by doctors and playing sports. They spin these things to cover up what they’re really doing: trying to keep Black people from voting and attacking LGBTQ youth.

The Republican Party was once honorable. It once stood for commendable policies. Now it’s just a pit of deceit.

Mike Leeds


Printer costs

The April 5 Journal tells me that the legislature is considering an act to figure out what my printer costs ("Bill would detail cost of owning printers"). If I want to know that, I’ll figure it out myself. I neither need nor want their help nor especially the bureaucracy they’re sure to hire to administer it.

If they’re out of worthwhile work, they can go home.

Michael Woods


State Rep. Lee Zachary Local legislator targets printer ink replacement costs with bill


The Pew Research Center on March 30 released survey results with the title: "Most Democrats and Republicans Know Biden Is Catholic, but They Differ Sharply About How Religious He Is."

I’m going to take a wild gamble and guess that the people who think President Joe Biden isn’t religious are the same people who think that former President Trump is.

Mary Linda Knox


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The author of the April 13 letter “Alternate ways” writes: “It seems that most activities which sane people once accepted as sound practices are now deemed racist.” To that I say, Hallelujah!

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