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The Readers' Forum: Thursday letters

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Anonymous signs

To the people who put anonymous signs beside the signs of the candidates (“Dems upset over attack signs,” Oct. 25): I hope you do not have any children. Because if you do, you are teaching your children not only to lie, but to do so surreptitiously. That is a terrible example of “free speech.”

If you have true convictions about certain candidates, you should be willing to identify yourself. I hope you are not setting an example for the next generation.

Victoria Weeke Winston-Salem

Insulting ads

Nov. 8 cannot come soon enough. Voters have been inundated with so many commercials that insult our innate intelligence — half-truths and often fear-based attempts to scare us to vote for one candidate over another. Who checks these ads for truth or false information? When will the electorate say enough is enough? Would it help to add another voice to the public discourse? Has truth or consequences been lost?

Perhaps an attempt to encourage the silent majority to stand up for America would help. Stand up for ethics in political ads. Stand up for truth based on facts that can be verified. Stand up and vote for character in political leaders. Stand up and change the channel when ads come on that insult your intelligence. Stand up for more civility and less disrespect in our political discourse.

Fleming El-Amin


Vote for Zenger

During the past 15 years, I have known Jeff Zenger to be an ethical, intelligent and caring individual.

Before I became acquainted with Jeff, he spent several years working with impoverished communities. During his tenure on the Lewisville Planning Board and on the Town Council, I found him to be insightful and able to submit creative solutions for whatever situation arose. He has invested in the local economy of Lewisville, while strictly adhering to Lewisville Building Appearance Code.

While in the General Assembly, Jeff has worked diligently for the citizens of House District 74, as can be attested by his efforts on behalf of the local fire departments and the creation of the Messick park at Shallowford Crossing on the Yadkin River. In essence, Jeff will work tirelessly for all the citizens of House District 74.

In this era of rampant inflation, Jeff will closely scrutinize state spending and adhere to sound fiscal restraint, while supporting less government intrusion into our everyday lives.

If you are weary of higher prices at the pump and at the grocery, beware of supporting Democrats in this election, since their policies on fossil fuels are hurting the great majority of our citizens. The only hope that many of us have is to change the direction of this country. Remember, Jeff Zenger knows for whom he works, and he will always work for you.

Please vote to reelect Jeff Zenger to represent us in House District 74. Vote early at the numerous polling places to which all citizens have easy access.

James Lowe


Environment for all

With mailboxes stuffed with campaign flyers filled with prevarications, it is difficult to follow candidates on issues that I think are important.

With rising sea levels on our coast, and heavier than normal rains causing mudslides in our mountains and our Piedmont and Sand Hills sweltering through another record-high-temperature summer, the environment is one of mine. A new energy future is at hand. What do the candidates for my House District 74 actually have to say?

Carla Catalán Day proposes an “environment for all.” She realizes our need for clean air and clean water and our responsibility to preserve these for the next generations. She recognizes that too often toxins have impacted Black, brown, Indigenous and poor communities, the communities that will also be most impacted by climate change and least able to deal with it. She believes that we need to end Duke Energy’s monopoly and allow competition and third-party solar sales. Finally, Day knows that we need to end subsidizing the fossil fuel industry with infrastructure, including fracked natural gas power plants, pipelines and storage facilities. Our automobile manufacturers are moving to electric vehicles and North Carolina needs to be ready for the change.

After a careful search, I can find no position on my environmental concerns from her opponent, Jeff Zenger.

In a created atmosphere of fear and doubt, Carla Catalán Day offers hope and a plan to move North Carolina forward. I hope you will join me in voting for her this November.

Henry Fansler


Republican policies

Those who are considering voting Republican because of inflation should be aware that Republican plans will only hurt the average American pocketbook, not help.

If Republicans win the majority in the House, they will refuse to lift the debt ceiling unless cuts are made to Social Security and Medicare. If the debt ceiling is not lifted, the U.S. will default, resulting in economic catastrophe — talk about recession!

Republicans will reverse the recent legislation that allows Medicare to negotiate drug prices and caps the cost of insulin and other drugs. Republicans will extend the 2017 tax cuts for the wealthy and corporations. Doing so would continue the farce of “trickle-down” economics, a policy that has been disproven time and again — most recently in the U.K., where Prime Minister Liz Truss had to resign due to the disastrous impact of tax cuts. These Republican policies make the rich richer and have created our current extreme inequalities in wealth.

Inflation has placed extreme hardships on the American people, but this is not due to Democratic policies, but rather to the realities of the pandemic and the Ukraine war. So, please don’t vote for Republicans because of inflation — their policies will only make things worse for us. Vote for Democrats, up and down the ballot, if you care about preserving democracy and voting rights, mitigating climate change, investing in education, preventing book bans, improving health care, returning women’s reproductive freedom and reducing gun violence — and for sound policies that create a sound economy.

Kathy Johnson


Defend our system

Remember months before the last presidential election when one of the candidates announced victory? He proclaimed that he could not lose — that if anyone but he was to win, the election was stolen.

At the time, I laughed. It was football season. “If State doesn’t win this Saturday, it will be because the other team cheated.” LOL.

We can all recognize the absurdity of announcing a winner before a match even occurs. Or can we? Today, the MAGA extremists continue to repeat their absurd chant. They are election deniers. They ignore that there are more Democrats than Republicans. They ignore that in all but two presidential elections since George H.W. Bush won in 1988, Democrats have won. And of the two Republicans who won, George W. Bush and Donald Trump, neither won the popular vote! More Americans wanted the Democrat than the Republican.

I recognize that facts don’t matter to Trump and the MAGA extremists espousing domestic terrorism and civil violence if their candidate doesn’t win. My hope is that facts and truth will continue to matter to the majority of voters, and that this majority will elect representatives who will defend our system of free and independent elections and perpetuate the democracy that we have enjoyed for more than 246 years.

Linda Agnant


Better off?

“Are you better off today than you were two years ago?”

It was two years ago that we ran out of toilet paper and couldn’t buy more because former President Trump screwed up his COVID response and stores ran out of goods and a whole lot of people died. Yes, I’m better off. Most of us are.

Others are suffering problems with their memories.

Bonnie G. Vaughn


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