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The Readers' Forum: Failure to communicate
The Readers’ Forum

The Readers' Forum: Failure to communicate

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Failure to communicate

Two of my friends were hospitalized last month with COVID. One died. Good enough people, they both bought guitars from me. However, they both refused to get vaccinated, spoke against the concept.

I have no words. The “Unvaccinated Epidemic” is becoming the Republican Epidemic. Every day a thousand Americans die from COVID. Most are unvaccinated.

Unvaccinated people all over the world are marching mask-less to protest the imposition of arbitrary restraints on free people. They are creating super-spreader events.

Governors in some of our major states are fighting any federal mask mandates, in part to preserve the tourist trade. Was that “See Naples and die”? Was that in Florida?

Is the best way to “own the libs” suicide by virus?

The media prattle about the discord in our nation, but 70% of our people lined up and took their shots without a word. Dirty liberals, no doubt. No doubt the same people who have LGBTQ kids, mixed-race kids, any kind of kids they make. Whatever. Our kids. People do not like their kids being threatened, forced to go to school without simple precautions.

What we have here is a failure to communicate. A failure to listen to obvious facts. Fine. The penalties are not imposed by anything but the laws of physics and medicine. There is no appeal from those laws.

The right is winning so hard, they may exterminate themselves. The Confederacy never stopped winning; just ask them.

Stephen Wishnevsky


How to live

My gratitude goes to the Journal for the Nov. 28 front-page article, “On a Mission: Working through her own grief, Surry County woman starts mobile syringe exchange service.” In these times of cynical and mean-spirited politics, Wendy Odum shows us how to live in a world that is too often uncaring.

Linda Moore


Needed to be said

Thanks to editorial page editor Mick Scott for what he said in his Nov. 26 column, “Straddle the line in discord and rhyme.” Unfortunately, the ones who need to read this column probably won’t. It still needed to be said.

Again, unfortunately, Kyle Rittenhouse is just a teenage boy with no common sense and a mother who should have said “no” a long time ago. So he will enjoy the limelight without realizing that he is just being used for the benefit of others.

Betty Bewley


Leaving them behind

Conservative politicians and their followers are a whiny bunch. They’re whining about critical race theory, and finding out for the first time, so they say, that white Americans have been tribal and violent against nonwhites, since our nation’s beginning.

They act like they’re just finding out that white people invaded the Americas and killed off Native Americans. And that white people brought in Black Africans as slaves. And that white people have been treating Black people like second-class citizens ever since the Civil War ended slavery.

Conservatives claim this “new to them” history is unpatriotic, and must not be taught in schools since it makes white people look bad. But it’s OK for schools to teach the U.S. is legally a Christian nation, thus overlooking the Constitution and First Amendment.

They continue to insist the last presidential election was rigged. Their whining is a sign of fear that the country is inevitably moving ahead of them, leaving their hateful ignorance behind.


John Wooding


Burning: bad?

While the fire still blazes on Pilot Mountain, affecting the air quality in both Forsyth and Guilford counties, the N.C. Forest Service has instituted a statewide ban on open fires, including burning leaves and branches.

Isn’t this when conservatives are supposed to say, “Don’t tell me what to do!” and light fires in their living rooms? They can’t bow to overreaching government authority, of course.

I expect to see the Fox News special any day now: “Wildfire: Is it really as bad as government says?”

Rodney Page



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