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The Readers' Forum: Thursday letters
The Readers’ Forum

The Readers' Forum: Thursday letters

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Snake oil district

We need to know more about history. The letter claiming that “the game is rigged” and “conservatives can’t win without cheating” on March 8, lacked recent historical knowledge. The letter listed many things conservatives will do to win. Does anyone remember “The Snake,” better known as the 12th congressional district drawn up by North Carolina Democrats?

The Snake connected urbanites from Charlotte to Winston-Salem to Guilford County through a rural land corridor. This contrivance marginalized rural votes. The district was litigated as unfair to rural voters and not contiguous to a specific area of similarly situated voters. The 12th District ran through six counties. Mel Watt, a Democrat, won that seat in 1993.

Truth should prevail over perception. Democrats are as guilty of gerrymandering as Republicans. What can be done? Nonpartisan districting may help as may publicly funded elections, spending limits, term limits, shorter campaigns and having regular folks as candidates.

Should only taxpayers vote, as it’s their money that’s up for grabs? Without membership fees or services rendered, no organization except government allows nonmembers to participate. It’s very democratic that every citizen can vote; but is it fair to those who actually pay the country’s bills and debts? Could the number of people paying taxes or rendering services (military, etc.) be the consideration when drawing up districts? Is that an option?

Regardless of how districts are drawn, we should take full measure of ourselves and others to offer fair and viable alternatives instead of bashing our fellow Americans. United we stand. Divided we fall.

Ron Linville


Biden didn’t kill it

The March 13 Journal edition had two excellent articles regarding the COVID relief plan President Biden signed into law on March 11. And then there’s the column by Marc Thiessen, “Biden has killed bipartisanship.”

President Biden didn’t kill bipartisanship; the Republican senators who refused to support the bill killed bipartisanship! Let’s get the facts right — Biden met with and tried to get support from the Republicans but not one of them voted to support this plan, which will help all Americans as we recover from the past year. Voters will remember.

Glenda Wilkinson


Blaming wind turbines

It’s a shame that the writer of the March 10 letter “No ‘Green New Deal’” did not hear Texas Gov. Greg Abbott’s explanation to the citizens of his state that the power outages were due to the energy sources going offline in the extremely cold weather. When he later spoke on national TV, Abbott, instead, blamed wind turbines.

To blame the crisis on wind turbines (which provide only about 10% of the energy) is completely off-base. Wind turbines continue to work in much colder climates than Texas (such as Iowa, South Dakota, Sweden and Antarctica), but they have to be weatherized to perform in extreme temperatures.

Simply put, the outages in Texas were caused because the people in charge did not prepare for the super-cold temperatures that hit the state (though they had a similar crisis 10 years ago). The sources of energy, including natural gas plants, went offline just when the demand for energy went up. If the letter writer were in Texas, he would have been as cold as everyone else.

I also think it’s a shame that he felt the need to disparage Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. So what if she’s an ex-bartender? A job or former job doesn’t define a person. AOC was elected to serve her constituents, which she seems to be doing quite well with a lot of heart. In addition, she was able to raise nearly $5 million to help the people of Texas, as one of their senators was running off to Cancun.

Mary Billingsley


No sour grapes

Really? Was it that slow of a news day that the front page story was “Muscadine juice may be offered at schools”?

Did nothing else of any consequence happen in the world to bump that story off the front page?

And I loved Rep. Howard’s quote: “If the kids would stop and try it, they would prefer it. ... .” Sounds like what my parents told me about lima beans, and they were wrong!

No, I’m not going to cancel my subscription. I enjoy reading the paper for the news stories, the insights, and sometimes just for the laughs.

Sam Ferguson


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