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The Readers' Forum: Thursday letters

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UNCSA could do it

For me, the jury is still out as to whether I consider the “dandelion” an appropriate representation of Winston-Salem to be prominently displayed in our city. The runners-up for the prized commission were reported in the Journal recently (“What came in second?” Sept. 15), and were indeed interesting, but not necessarily noteworthy.

Consider that there is a world-renowned arts conservatory, aka the UNC School of the Arts, right here in our town. I find it perplexing that the students and faculty weren’t consulted or employed to produce public art of this sort, and rarely, if ever, are. Not only would the students and faculty advisers benefit through recognition for the work, I would imagine the commission would be less expensive. Most importantly, it would be a permanent installation that showcases a significant institution in Winston-Salem.

I have every confidence that UNCSA’s Design and Production Department could come up with something more eye-catching, interesting and meaningful for our town.

Mark Biggam


Reverse course

Reverse the changes. Bring back the comics that were. And do it now, please!

Marvin Scherl


Gray areas

We teach our children right from wrong using tools like the Ten Commandments; we use behaviors like kindness, care and love to show what’s right; and behaviors like meanness, hitting and bullying to show what’s wrong. For the most part, children learn right from wrong with a black-and-white perspective, because of their limited cognitive development. In adulthood the world becomes more complex, as does right from wrong.

While it’s nice to live in a black-and-white world, it’s not easy, or always appropriate. What comes to mind is abortion. The commandment, “Thou Shall Not Kill,” is black-and-white. But, the law says if someone kills in self-defense, that’s OK. Yet, sometimes it takes a jury to determine self-defense. Black and white has now become very gray.

In the case of abortion, questions arise like: When does life begin? Is the fetus viable? Is the mother’s life in danger? Is the baby the product of the violent act of rape and how does this affect the mother? Who will raise this child? The state can say the child must be born, but the state has an unacceptable record for raising unwanted children. I can’t say in good conscience that I can decide for every pregnant woman what is best under her circumstances. Nor do I believe the state/law can.

This seems like a case for personal choice/freedom when under the care and advice of medical and psychological professionals.

Ken Burkel



On Monday, former President Trump commented on how he would have been given a better seat at Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral, had he attended rather than President Biden.

Thank God that, after the death of a beloved matriarch with a rich history, admired by people around the world, Trump refocused the attention on where it properly belongs: on himself.

Howard Greene



Say it is not so! You’ve deleted Slylock Fox! My family enjoyed solving that puzzle together. We are so sad! The printed paper is the ultimate disappearing act.

Jessica Telligman


Humor warranted

I applauded the well-written column by Dana Milbank (“Putting the Big Lie to bed — in comfort,” Sept. 18) regarding the MyPillow guy, Mike Lindell, who lost his soul again (previously he lost it to gambling and crack cocaine drug addiction) for his god, former President Trump. I especially loved Milbank’s suggestions on pillows that Trump’s troops could use while serving prison sentences.

We have spent way too many years hearing the BS spewed out of Trump supporters and the man himself that a little humor was warranted. Ridiculous comments like the Sept. 8 letter “Worst thing ever” are dead wrong — the worst thing to ever happen to America was Donald Trump.

Glenda Wilkinson


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