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The Readers' Forum: Tuesday letters

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It's always worse

The Aug. 25 cartoon on the opinion page, stating “Whatever you think he (Donald J. Trump) did, it’s always worse,” was prescient. I read it just before I read about all the efforts the National Archives made to retrieve the classified documents that former President Trump took to Mar-a-Lago even though they belong to the American people.

The contact was extensive and began even before Trump left the White House. At one point, Trump’s lawyer even agreed that the records should be returned. When the FBI finally showed up at Mar-a-Lago, in a very subdued fashion, it was because the Department of Justice was at the end of its rope; the National Archives had requested and requested their return and the DOJ knew it was the only way to get the records back.

Trump had to know about these conversations, too, yet he used the incident to once again play the victim and fleece his followers for more money. He’s worse than immature or unreasonable; he’s greedy and opportunistic.

Whatever you think he did, as we learn more, it’s always worse.

Glenn Donaldson


Keep nine

For more than 150 years, the U.S. Supreme Court has been made up of nine justices. They are appointed by the president, who is in office at the time of a vacancy and are confirmed by the Senate.

The political party currently in power in Washington is proposing to increase the number of justices, thus giving it the opportunity to "pack" the court with choices that support its political agenda.

There is currently a constitutional amendment proposed that would make nine justices the permanent number allowed on the court. This amendment was supported by former Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg. For the preservation of our constitutional republic, it is imperative that this amendment be adopted.

It is important for voters to know the positions of our two candidates for the Senate, one of whom will be elected in November. Rep. Ted Budd is already a co-sponsor of the bill. The other candidate, Cheri Beasley, has not stated her position, so it is imperative that voters know how she will vote on the bill known as "Keep Nine." We await her response.

JoAnn Raulerson Dunn


Not afraid

I’m not afraid of the IRS getting new agents (“A landmark bill,” Aug. 21). I’m not a tax cheat.

Why are Republican legislators afraid of the IRS getting new agents?

I’m not afraid of testifying in court. I’m not guilty of a crime.

Why are former President Trump and Sen. Lindsey Graham of South Carolina afraid of testifying in court?

I’m not afraid of my children reading challenging books. They’re smart and can understand things.

Why are conservatives afraid of their children reading challenging books?

Lonnie Kirkman


Debt relief

Thank goodness for President Biden. He doesn't always get it right, but give him credit for trying to help the lower and middle economic classes.

Why not forgive some student debt? Why not make it a guaranteed benefit for four-year college graduates (a lesser amount for two-year community college graduates)? Make it in the form of income tax forgiveness, available when they have their first paying job and taxes are due on their income. Any graduate, regardless of family wealth, is eligible, if they have a loan, and if they are a wage earner. Society will be repaid many times over during the working graduate's lifetime.

Dennis Thompson

Pilot Mountain

Upsetting term

In a speech in Maryland last week, President Biden spoke about MAGA supporters who are practicing something he said is "like semi-fascism."

I understand that really upset some people. You know, the people who call Democrats “socialists” and “communists” and call school teachers “groomers” and “pedophiles.” It really upset them.

Mack Ferguson


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