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The Readers' Forum: Tuesday letters

The Readers' Forum: Tuesday letters

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A hostile agenda

Horrified! After a year-and-a-half of our students being unable to attend in-person school because of the pandemic, and a very rocky school year start, including a student death and multiple guns in school, Ken Raymond, the chairman of the Forsyth County Republican Party, advises parents to call the police on teachers, if they believe the teachers have perverse material (“GOP chair: Report school ‘pornography’,” Oct. 16). Mind you, he knows of no such material, but relishes the idea of teachers and administrators in handcuffs. “This could break them (of what he doesn’t mention),” he says.

In a week in which the former Forsyth GOP chairman Nathan Tabor is arrested for multiple felonies, the current chairman expresses no interest in helping our kids this year, only in promoting a hostile, anti-education agenda.

Robyn Mixon


You heard him

OK, all you Trumpers. You heard your man. If the country won’t capitulate to his dishonest election fraud claims, you should not vote in 2022 and 2024. Do democracy a favor and stay home.

Dan Monroe


A myriad of nightmares

Regarding the Oct. 13 opinion column “The Trump nightmare continues to loom,” I thought that it was a joke because rather than a nightmare projected to loom, we already have a myriad of nightmares, e.g., the Afghanistan pullout disaster, inflation (rising prices on everything, especially gasoline), empty shelves, COVID-19, the vaccine mandate and its impact on medical personnel, police, teachers, air traffic (think pilots and air traffic controllers), the rising China threat, the FBI going after parents, Silicon Valley controlling this nation, drug overdosing (fentanyl and heroin coming across the border, plus opioids), the hundreds of children being killed in our largest cities, the out-of-control crime, the supply chain crisis, worker shortage, the border crisis, including not only the hundreds of thousands of people from more than 100 nations but also the drugs, the possible terrorists, the human sex trafficking, etc.

Harry R. Luther


Breaking them

“This could break them,” Forsyth County Republican Party Chairman Ken Raymond says while trying to enlist parents to harass school teachers (“GOP chair: Report school ‘pornography’,” Oct. 16).

Because COVID hasn’t? Because school shootings haven’t? Because a year of remote teaching and declining grades hasn’t? Kick them while they’re down, that might do it.

“This could break them.” But there’s no advice for building them up, for supporting them as they prepare our children to venture into the world as contributing members of society.

“This could break them.” Maybe Raymond would like to explain why he and his Republican cohorts are so dead-set against public education. Is it because educated people vote for Democrats?

Pitting educated people against Republicans? No, we can’t have that. It might break them.

Ricky S. Phillips


USPS champions

Please tell columnist Cal Thomas (“Is it time to stamp out the U.S. Postal Service?” Oct. 7): there are ways to fix the U.S. Postal Service. Diminishing it or dismantling it is not one of those ways.

In a country as wealthy as the U.S., in which the military budget is increased every year, even when our war footprint is decreased, there’s no excuse to nickel-and-dime a service on which millions of Americans depend. And it is a service — not a cash cow.

It’s also another way in which rural life is under attack by the people who claim to be its champions. A strong USPS means that more people could live in smaller cities.

Harold Molton



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