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The Readers' Forum: Tuesday letters

The Readers' Forum: Tuesday letters

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Harris can save it

In 2024, twice-impeached and disgraced former President Trump may run for president and may in fact win against a Biden/Harris ticket.

If that happens, Vice President Kamala Harris can then refuse to ratify his win, limit the electors to those who suit her and announce Joe Biden to be the continuing president of the United States.

Right? I mean, if former Vice President Mike Pence could have done that, then Harris can. It’s the office that has the power, not the personality. Right?

I suddenly feel grateful for all the grifters who tried to help Trump steal the election. They may have provided the means to keep Biden in office.

I so look forward to Nov. 5, 2024.

Andy Slade


Educational changes

“As American children return to school, many conscientious parents are genuinely uncertain whether they are delivering their children into enemy territory ...” according to a 1976 New York Times” article.

The shift from classical education, which emphasized academic knowledge and skills, to progressive education, which focuses on the process of learning, had occurred. According to John Dewey, a leading advocate of the progressive approach, “... education is the only sure method of ensuring social progress and reform ... schools are a means to reconstruct society.”

The re-purposing of public education has created a rift between parents and the educational establishment that continues to this day. The current school controversy in Loudoun County, Va., is an example. Many parents feel as though their children are being treated like they are wards of the state.

In what now sounds like an understatement, the Oregon affiliate of the National Education Association declared in 1981, “The major purpose of the association is not the education of children, it is or ought to be the extension and or preservation of our members’ rights.”

Former Secretary of Education William Bennett William recently observed that standardized test scores have been going downward in the U.S., even before the pandemic, compared to those of other countries such as China, which has rigorous academic standards.

Not surprisingly, parents are seeking alternatives to public education such as private schools or even home-schooling. Others run for the local school board to be an advocate for the next generation.

Bruce Bedinger


Deceptive tactics

Also in love, I respond to the Nov. 11 letter “Our spiritual food” which is in response to an earlier letter, “Asking Concerned Moravians.”

Jesus’ commands to love God and love your neighbor as yourself sum up the Ten Commandments that God gave Moses in the Old Testament (Jesus did not give them as the letter writer states). It astounds me that groups of people can say they are all about Jesus’ commands of love but then still use deceptive tactics to try to disrupt and then change agreed-upon Moravian approaches to life and faith in order to get what they want — which has nothing to do with love and everything to do with power and control.

Yes, Christians need to read and study all the Bible to strive to understand it in how we live and treat our fellow human beings with love, grace, mercy and peace, which is part and parcel of what the Bible is all about, culminating in Jesus. That is the essential. We can’t just pick this or that passage out and hold it up above all others over and against someone whom we see as “sinful,” and then try to legislate our understanding. That doesn’t reflect the love that Jesus models. To do so is in no way loving.

Bradley Bennett


Presidents and veterans

In comments on Veterans Day, President Biden said that the nation’s military veterans were “the spine of America.”

I just want to say that that’s a damn sight better than his predecessor’s alleged statements that soldiers were “losers” and “suckers.”

I know he denied doing so, but he wasn’t exactly a font of honesty, was he?

I am proud of President Biden.

Tell me again why I should have voted for Donald Trump?

Jacob Sanders



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