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The Readers' Forum: Tuesday letters
The Readers’ Forum

The Readers' Forum: Tuesday letters

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Pay attention

I am grateful that the Journal and other news sources are finally starting to pay attention to the threat of the GOP overthrowing the government and ending American democracy.

After all their gut-wrenching rhetoric about President Barack Obama’s desire to “fundamentally transform America,” it’s beyond irony that they are actually the ones who want to do just that — by eliminating our right to choose our representatives through fair elections.

Keep up the good work.

Mary Linda Knox


Too much ‘me’

I agree with much in the Dec. 19 letter “EV problems.” But among them is one the letter writer didn’t list but did exemplify: the “ME problem.”

He writes that if EVs are such a good idea, then they should need no subsidies. Government shouldn’t be “taxing me for them.”

Does he think that he’s the only one who has to pay taxes? Or the only one who has to pay taxes for things he doesn’t want to pay for? Does he not understand that we all have to pay taxes — often for things with which we disagree?

One of those things for which we’re all taxed is multi-million-dollar subsidies for oil companies. But if using oil is such a good idea, why can’t oil companies support themselves?

There’s too much “me” and too little “we” in politics these days. As long as taxes are defined as “my money supporting someone else” instead of “all of us paying for programs and policies that benefit everyone,” people will feel like they’re being ripped off rather than contributing; worthy programs and policies will meet selfish opposition.

E pluribus unum. “We, the people.” Let’s support things that make life better for everyone rather than fear that five cents of our individual tax bills will benefit someone other than “me.”

Billy Meadows


Doing harm

I see complaints in the Readers’ Forum from conservatives about so many angry letters from liberals. I agree it’s probably not productive, because nobody likes it when you point out what they’re doing wrong.

But there are more important issues at stake than personal feelings.

President Biden’s Build Back Better legislation would eliminate lead paint and lead pipes, which hurt children. It would lower the cost of prescription drugs — as Vice President Kamala Harris said recently, no one in America should die because they can’t afford insulin. In short, the Biden administration is pushing to make life better for all Americans.

And congressional Republicans oppose everything the Democratic president does. Are we really supposed to believe that the party of unaffordable tax cuts for rich folks is upset because Biden’s bill might have some “pork” or might cost money? What doesn’t cost money?

The most consequential legislative change in probably the past 50 years has been the Affordable Care Act, aka Obamacare. It has provided health insurance for millions of Americans who would otherwise have none. Former President Trump spent much of his four years trying to eliminate it. Democratic legislators constantly try to make life better for everyone while Republican legislators only want to make it worse to protect their rich donors.

So I’m not particularly impressed with arguments that Democrats “hate” Republicans. They’re frustrated. They look at good people and wonder why they’re committed to politicians who only want to do harm.

Buddy Osborne


Manchin’s opinion

Sen. Joe Manchin is reported to have said that parents would use the monthly child tax credit provided by the Build Back Better legislation to abuse drugs (he allegedly called them crackheads) and that parents would go hunting using paid family leave rather than bonding with their children. He sure has a low opinion of American parents. He lumps all parents into one bucket.

This is his high and mighty opinion while living on a luxury house boat and driving a Maserati.

This is the problem with politicians; they lie to get voted and then do nothing for citizens. I am so tired of the Democratic vs. Republican rhetoric. Money is money. Poverty is poverty. Neither cares if you are D or R.

K.D. Smith



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We are one year into the Biden administration and everything he has done has been a huge disaster. I guess liberals would like to blame that on Donald Trump, but guess what, he is no longer president, unfortunately!

I am sure I will be attacked by other frequent contributors to the Readers’ Forum. Many letters seem to suggest that all Republicans share the same views and should be treated with disdain.

In response to the Jan. 9 letter “Move on,” the fact that former President Trump and so many of his followers refuse to “move on” from the Big Lie is the reason President Biden and others must continue to condemn the events of Jan. 6, 2021, so vociferously.

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