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The Readers' Forum: Tuesday letters

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Proud of poll workers

I worked as a poll observer recently, not really knowing what to expect. I’d heard such awful stories about what was happening at the polls, though I’d never actually seen anything close to any of that when I’d voted in years past.

What I saw was a group of people working very hard to ensure that every person who walked through the door was made to feel welcome, was treated kindly and was helped to ensure that they could cast their ballot safely and securely. I listened to poll workers talk to voters, telling them exactly what the process was, reminding them to fill those “bubbles” in completely to be sure their vote would be read.

Poll workers explained to the other poll watcher and me how absentee ballots were handled. They patiently worked with those who were handicapped and couldn’t leave their cars to vote; they congratulated a first-time voter, gave extra stickers to children and helped a mentally handicapped person cast a ballot safely. These same folks worked to reset a machine that malfunctioned and kept their cool throughout it all.

I am personally in awe of these poll workers, who will come back day after day throughout the early voting period and then finally on Election Day. I am proud of how they pull together to make voting a positive experience for each of us.

When you vote, be sure to tell your poll workers thank you. They are doing an awesome job!

Linda McDermott


When the star hits

I recently saw this 1951 sci-fi flick. It was about a star that was going to hit and demolish Earth in eight months.

They built a spaceship to take 40 people, animals, food, etc., to another planet to save life as we know it and start again. There was not a Black person in the entire movie. So, when they devised a lottery system to pick the 40, obviously no person of any color but white made the cut.

Maybe these MAGA people, Senate Republicans, white inferiorists and such should look into this. It sounds like a place they would enjoy and they surely would not be missed here. I’d rather die without them when the star hits.

Bert Grisard


GOP plan

Of course the Republicans have a plan if they gain power: ending legal abortion and impeaching President Biden for something.

That’s their plan for the recession: Ending legal abortion and impeaching President Biden for something. That’s their plan to lower the price of gas: Ending legal abortion and impeaching President Biden for something.

That should really help, huh?

Allen Spry


Stolen vote

My vote is being stolen.

I participated in early voting before Winston-Salem/Forsyth County school board candidate Stan Elrod died. I voted for Stan Elrod the candidate, not the Republican.

I understand that Elrod’s name cannot be removed from the ballot. But I am outraged that my vote, made before he died, will automatically become a party vote rather than a candidate vote. All votes for Elrod will go to the replacement candidate that the Republican Party will choose (“GOP sets date to pick replacement candidate,” Oct. 28).

I am an independent and may not support a candidate chosen by the Republican Party. There are even Facebook posts circulating encouraging people to honor Stan Elrod, and stating at the same time that all votes for him will go to a new Republican candidate.

I am sick to my stomach that my vote is being turned into a partisan vote.

Julie Magness


A conservative wing

At age 83, I can remember the days when the Democratic Party had a conservative wing.

While that wing of the party was wrong on race relations, it was correct on many issues, including fiscal responsibility, love of state and nation and personal integrity. Let’s do something revolutionary. Let’s reestablish the conservative wing of the Democratic Party, and let’s ask a person of integrity and intelligence to head it up.

How about it, Rep. Liz Cheney?

Dennis Thompson

Pilot Mountain

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