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The Readers' Forum: Tuesday letters
The Readers’ Forum

The Readers' Forum: Tuesday letters

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Our nation’s values

I recently read a publication that expresses several of my concerns about our nation’s values.

In the Nov.-Dec. 2020 issue of Zion’s Fire, Marvin J. Rosenthal declares: “Our nation is in chaos because of the depravity within our culture. Our value system has run amok.” He then asserts, “Morals once cherished — such as the institution of marriage, personal holiness, hard work, integrity in the home and in the workplace — are now regarded as exceptions rather than rules. Faith in the God of the Bible is ridiculed, and adherence to a moral set of rules is scorned. Our culture has sunk frighteningly low and has brought about the insanity that is destroying our nation.”

Subsequently, Rosenthal states, “Never has an American election made so clear how utterly divided our nation truly is. Though America has never been a ‘Christian nation,’ we were undeniably founded on Judeo-Christian ethics. ... Sadly, with each passing year, this moral foundation is being uprooted, and it is only a matter of time before it is irreparably severed.”

Some readers of my letter may not care if they are contributing to the deterioration in our nation’s values and, therefore, they are not likely to try to improve their behavior. Other readers will shrug their shoulders in resignation, because they don’t think they can do much to enhance our nation’s values. But, perhaps, there are at least some readers who will attempt to do what is necessary in an effort to significantly enhance our nation’s values.

Harvey Armour


Two-party system

Our democracy needs a healthy two-party system. The current state of our politics suggests that is in great peril.

The crescendo of events culminating on Jan. 6 and since has resulted in long-time, traditional Republicans around the country fleeing the party, changing their registrations to unaffiliated. More than 15,000 just in North Carolina have left the party. It seems the GOP is devolving into MAGA 2.0 with the base now composed of Proud Boys, Oath Keepers, militia men, Aryan Nation and QAnon adherents. Can it be the party now rebukes its leaders who, upon conscience, voted to impeach former President Trump for clearly impeachable conduct and dereliction of duty, but stands in support of Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene?

This QAnon adherent has called 9/11 a hoax — “no evidence of a plane hitting the Pentagon”; called Sandy Hook and Parkland mass murders “staged”; and said that House Leader Nancy Pelosi should have a bullet to the head! And disappointingly, 100% of our state GOP just censured Sen. Richard Burr for his vote to impeach.

I pray that our traditionalist Republican leaders, state and national, can purge the party of the violent and seditionist elements, as well as exiting its total fealty to Trump. Supporting Trump, no matter how vile his acts, “through thick and thin,” as one letter writer recently wrote (“Support for Trump,” Jan. 31), is a losing proposition. Please, let’s have the party return to its core values of integrity, honesty and decency.

Julian Drake


Chief comforter

Thank you for your article about Dr. Calvert Jeffers (“‘Ideal leader,’” Feb. 21). He truly is all the things you have said: a fine veterinarian, a community supporter, a mentor, etc. But you have left out the very personal side of his practice.

He and his staff are so thrilled when you bring in your tatty little rescue mutt. Why, you'd think you just picked her off the runway of the Westminster. And when it is time to say goodbye to your old, perhaps, sick or injured friend, you realize that Cal has not only been the one who has tended to the care and feeding of your dog; but now is also your chief comforter and friend in that most heart-wrenching moment. He and his staff (and you know who you are, LaTanja) are a gift to any pet owner.

Robin Voiers



Praise for Sen. Richard Burr ("Good for Sen. Burr," Feb. 17)? Unbelievable. As a member of a Do-nothing Congress, where has he been the last four years? His impeachment vote was him trying to save his legacy.

Robert Caudle


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