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The Readers' Forum: Tuesday letters
The Readers’ ForumThe Readers’ Forum

The Readers' Forum: Tuesday letters

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I usually get something out of Ruben Navarrette’s opinion, even if I disagree with him, and I’m pleased that the Journal prints his columns. But he’s dead wrong in his Jan. 8 column “‘The View’ struggles to find conservative host.”

Yes, the producers of the show are having difficulty finding a new conservative host to discuss matters of the day with the show’s liberal hosts. But requiring one who won’t spread misinformation about COVID or adhere to former President Trump’s Big Lie — that’s not seeking a “unicorn” — it’s seeking a conservative who is also rational.

It shouldn’t be so hard to find a rational conservative, but the fact that it is is an indictment of conservatism, not of the TV show’s producers.

Lixie Duggan


A serious blow

The writer of the Jan. 9 letter “Move on” could not possibly be more wrong in his suggestion that we consider the Capitol insurrection a done deal and that we move on.

His comment about President Biden pointing his finger at former President Trump and congressional Republicans is fully accurate; and Biden absolutely needed to call out those who have encouraged this behavior from the outset, and who continue to do so today.

This was a serious blow to our democracy, and like all such events, should never be swept under the rug, but should rather be discussed for what it means to us at this time, and recorded for history — in the hope that it will never be repeated. What remains so damaging is the fact that people still believe the Big Lie and that those who should — and do — know better continue to inflame this misguided segment of the public.

Treasonous events are never something that “happened, and now it’s over.” It should never be time to move on when such harm has been inflicted on our democracy.

Jeff Hight


A year after

A year after the insurrection, many believe facts, truth and reason can end our political cold war.

There’s former President Trump’s Big Lie about election fraud and winning the election. As Dr. Joseph Goebbels observed, a lie told once remains a lie, but a lie told a thousand times becomes the truth.

There’s the Republican Party: its moribund ideology, ruthless self-interest and policies keeping millions in economic slavery, while making the rich exponentially richer, doesn’t sell. But Republicans figured out how to win anyway: Sen. Joe McCarthy’s communists everywhere. Sen. Jesse Helms’ “homosexuals” everywhere. Richard Nixon’s racist Southern strategy. Ronald Reagan’s anti-government scam. George H.W. Bush’s Willie Horton. Culture warriors’ false outrage and militant ignorance. Rep. Newt Gingrich’s smash-mouth politics: exploit voter fears and resentments, and lie, deny, defy, demonize!

Then Trump showed that Republicans didn’t need a new recipe every election to get people to vote against their own economic interests. No need to be constrained by democracy.

Trumpism was revolutionary, but simple: it isn’t about what people believe, but about what people believe they can get away with. Trump offered Republicans a Faustian bargain: deny obvious reality, especially about elections, stay in lockstep, no matter how fatuous, mendacious, ridiculous, dangerous, mean-spirited, hate-filled and anti-democratic Trump is, and Trump would deliver absolute power over their social, political and religious enemies.

Trump’s followers don’t really believe Trump won. And they aren’t people who can be reasoned with. They are people who must be stopped.

Andy G. Miller


His support

Watching President Biden speak about his disgraced predecessor on Jan. 6 reminded me of how disrespectful that predecessor was during their presidential debates — to Biden, to the debates’ moderators and to the American people. He couldn’t follow the rules — indeed, he seemed physically incapable of constraining his rude urges. He constantly talked over everyone around him.

What a bad example to our children. What a hypocrite. What a blowhard. How anyone could support this man then and still continue to is a mystery that historians will struggle to explain.

Lonnie Burshinsky



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