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The Readers' Forum: I finally have a reason for optimism
The Readers’ Forum

The Readers' Forum: I finally have a reason for optimism

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High hopes

After so much loss of life and debilitating illness, I have hope that we’re finally going to get COVID under control in our community.

Recently, my wife and I received our first round of vaccine at the Forsyth County Health Department’s newly opened mass-vaccination site at the Winston-Salem Fairgrounds. We know we were lucky to get an over-65 appointment and understand that folks remain frustrated at the challenges presented by not enough vaccine to meet demand. But our experience suggests that, when vaccine supply increases, and with both Wake Forest Baptist Health and Novant Health ramping up as well, we'll have the mechanisms in place to get shots in arms.

Compliments and thanks to Deputy County Manager Shontell Robinson and county Health Director Joshua Swift, along with the dedicated nurses, health department staff, volunteers and National Guard personnel who made this process run like clockwork. We were in and out within 30 minutes of our appointment time, the atmosphere was simply celebratory, and the fairgrounds site appears adequate for much larger operations when supply allows.

I know we've got a long way to go, but I'm so glad to finally have a reason for optimism in our fight against this deadly virus.

Bill Green


Poker vote

You’re in a poker game. One of the players says, “Somebody’s cheating.” Everyone goes on alert. No one thinks, “Hey, I’m OK if someone steals my money.” Someone might offer, “Let’s open a new deck.” Everyone remains alert.

After 200,000 hands, players feel fairly certain whether someone has actually been cheating.

The United States has more than 200,000 polling places. Everyone, Republican and Democrat, was concerned about cheating. Why do people insult Republicans by suggesting they were gullible during 200,000 rounds of poker? They were not. Across the nation, they watched just as carefully — if not more so — than Democrats. This is the main reason the election was so secure.

Sens. Ted Cruz and Josh Hawley went to the best colleges and law schools in the nation. Cruz played poker; I'm not sure about Hawley. Why can’t they find the cheaters? Everyone was at the table. No one was gullible.

Thomas Hagerty


Accomplished more

On his first full day in office, President Biden issued orders to rejoin the Paris climate change accord, rejoin the World Health Organization, eliminate President Trump’s Muslim-country ban, halt construction of the wasteful border wall and mandate mask-wearing on federal property. He also proposed an extension of a nuclear arms treaty with Russia and moved several of his Cabinet nominees down a smooth path toward confirmation.

Biden accomplished more in one day than Trump accomplished in four years.

Howard Greene


More predictions

My Dec. 22 letter “My predictions” correctly predicted that the Democrats would win the Senate and that former President Trump would disappear.

Here are a few more:

Within the next two years, sweeping socialist changes will be implemented. The Electoral College will be eliminated. The Supreme Court will be stacked by leftists. More than 20 million illegal immigrants will be made citizens (with an 80% Democratic vote). The United States will be a one-party socialist country and will be impoverished through handouts by 2022.

There will be many people, mostly from Winston-Salem, who will condemn me for being a conspiracy theorist, ignorant and such, but time will prove my credibility.

Hard times are coming. California, here we come!

Jim Potter


Fringe elements

Where was the National Guard on Jan.6. and who was in charge of security for that day's events? Someone totally missed it, as there can be fringe elements, even in a peaceful congregation of law-abiding citizens.

Charles H. Thomas



Impeached, again.


Judy Rhoden

Mount Airy

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