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The Readers' Forum: Tuesday letters
The Readers’ Forum

The Readers' Forum: Tuesday letters

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Better served

The Dec. 22 letter “My predictions” reflects typical mischaracterizations of Democrats, based in myth, designed to divide us. The truth: Since World War II, our country has had higher GDP growth, smaller budget deficits and higher job growth when led by Democrat presidents.

Polls affirm most Americans favor fairer taxes, fair elections, gun management, effective climate, environment and immigration policies and police accountability. All these are part of President-elect Joe Biden’s plans for us — not gun confiscation, open borders or defunding police. And policy based on societal need is not authoritarianism. Fiscal responsibility, yes; fiscal confiscation to benefit the wealthy, no.

It’s not about President Trump; it’s about us. Not power, position and posturing — rather people, policy and progress. When both parties seek and find this truth, we will be better served. When his supporters realize he doesn’t care about their hopes and needs, only his, they will be better served. We truly have much more common ground than the rhetoric portrays. We need to tell elected leaders we expect them to begin service on Jan. 20, not the next election campaign; to work for us, not against one another; to plow the common ground, not pontificate on extreme positions.

Let’s give our new president a chance to succeed by telling elected leaders to work with him and each other to address policies that will truly make America more respected by allies and feared by adversaries; more livable for all of us; and will nurture the hopes of every child.

Len Preslar


"Roll Call"

Wake up!

With so much attention being paid to the ongoing presidential saga, I’m afraid that people have not been paying attention to what our elected representatives are or are not supporting. On Sundays, the Journal publishes the “Roll Call” column when the Congress is in session that tells how each representative or senator has voted. We should be paying attention to this. Are they supporting our views? If not, maybe someone else would be a better fit for the job.

Even though another election isn’t in the books for the near future, remember these columns and start paying attention to who votes for or against or isn’t even there to vote.

Wake up! Only by paying attention can we be ready the next time we are called on to vote.

Betty Bewley


Unusual compassion

As much as I have spent the last four years detesting President Trump and all he represents, I was somewhat heartened when he said he would refuse to sign the stimulus package with $600 for most Americans and instead insisted on a $2,000 payment to help the hundreds of thousands of Americans who are unemployed, behind on their rent/mortgage and utility payments and trying to feed their families. I didn’t know where this unusual compassion was coming from, but I certainly welcomed it.

Dangling a possible $2,000 check in front of my eyes was like buying a lottery ticket and dreaming of all the ways I would spend it when I won: a new car to replace my 10-year-old Toyota, a beach vacation, a mani-pedi spa day, take-out meals from local restaurants, a shopping trip for some new clothes. As an older adult living on a tight budget, my expenditures are currently limited to my “needs” list; the “want” list is for someday in the distant future.

But the $2,000 was not meant to be and I am thankful for the $600 that showed up in my checking account. But here’s the difference: if I had received the $2,000 stimulus check, I would have spent much of it with local businesses fulfilling my “wants” list. As it is, I am putting the $600 in savings for future emergency needs, so it won’t help our economy at all.

Thanks, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell.

Judie Holcomb


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