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The Readers' Forum: Tuesday letters

The Readers' Forum: Tuesday letters

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Don't die

I'm a member of the pro-life party — I'm a Democrat — and I just want to encourage everyone who hasn't been vaccinated to do so. I did it months ago and it didn’t hurt and I didn’t get sick. I now have the relief that comes with knowing that I’m much safer.

It’s really a matter of life and death. How many more conservative ministers and radio hosts have to die while denying the truth before people wake up and decide they don't want to go to the graveyard?

Who will comfort your family if you die a death that is easily preventable?

Rachel Ryan


Give them tyranny

We spent the last year trying to sweet-talk extreme, far-right conservatives into wearing masks for their own protection and getting vaccinated so we could all get back to normal and they called that "tyranny." We showed them the evidence and tried to reason with them and they called that "tyranny." We tried to bribe them and they called that “tyranny.” We showed them the deaths. We tried and tried to find the right way to convince them to be vaccinated and all we heard in return was “tyranny.” Their own pundits and supporters and children pleaded with them from COVID death beds. Their own doctors pleaded with them. Overwhelmed nurses in overflowing hospitals pleaded with them. And they said it was “tyranny.”

These people are beyond reach. They cannot be reasoned with. I say let's give them the "tyranny" they so obviously thirst for: vaccine mandates, vaccine passports, required masking, fines and jail terms for violations. Let them bluster and scream. They’ll bluster and scream no matter what.

It's always been like this: Extremists have to be dragged kicking and screaming into civilization. So let’s do that. 

Mack Ferguson


Taliban moderation

I confess that I was wrong about the Taliban.

Oh, they’re barbarians, no doubt. But I didn’t think they would care about public opinion or the international community. I thought they would just be anarchic murderers.

Instead, for whatever it’s worth, they’re assigning officers and ministers to what’s supposed to be a provisional, transitional government and they’re trying to appear to be organized and stable. They’re even trying to help get Americans (who for some reason hadn’t already left) out of the country. Their leaders are even speaking to NPR reporters.

This isn’t to say they’re trustworthy. But to some extent, with the eyes of the world on them, they’re at least going to try to look trustworthy.

In that light, it makes sense for both the Trump administration and the Biden administration to cooperate with them and even show some degree of trust — at least until all of our people are safe.

It was inevitable that they would take power. We’re giving them opportunities to prove that they’re not just barbarians and they’re responding somewhat appropriately.

I can’t believe I’m saying that. But that’s what the facts show.

Malcolm Ramsey


Day off

I, too, missed the Labor Day print delivery to our home. However, I'm an old (now) union guy and proud of it. As a member of the Lithographers and Photoengravers International Union, and having served a five-year apprenticeship and worked in the printing industry for more than 30 years, we valued the principle of fair labor practices and honored the concept of Labor Day in our country.

And so, I will gladly accept the "missing issue" and spend the day celebrating Labor Day with the fullest gratitude to my fellow printers at the Winston-Salem Journal

I hope you enjoyed your day off — you earned it!

Peter Driscoll



I didn't watch any right-wing media last week, so I've not kept up. Which is it this week, is President Biden using Afghanistan to distract us from COVID or is he using COVID to distract us from Afghanistan?

Philip Bent



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