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The Readers' Forum: Wednesday letters

The Readers' Forum: Wednesday letters

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Such a situation

How in the world did we get ourselves into such a situation? The man who’s supposed to take the lead in protecting our democracy encourages outlaw vigilantes, with his “stand by” and “liberate Michigan” exhortations.

When the FBI discovers that a covert group is well along on a plan to kidnap the Michigan governor and take over the state, Democrats and Republicans alike rightly condemn the action.

The man in the Oval Office also issues harsh criticism. But his attacks are aimed at the governor — the intended victim. Her crime? Attempting to protect citizens by having them follow recommendations of our leading epidemiologists.

Sounds like a page from a cheap spy novel about a dysfunctional country led by a corrupt dictator.

Are we still in the United States of America?

David Hatcher


For all

State Sen. Joyce Krawiec works for all North Carolinians and not special-interest groups, as her opponent claims. If Krawiec were trying to please special-interest groups, why would she spend so much time pleasing and working for North Carolinians?

In the last few months during COVID-19, she has helped pass more than 20 funding bills for personal protective equipment, schools and small businesses. Would someone working for special interests champion a $35 million funding bill that provides child care assistance so that parents are able to get back to work and be able to supply and care for their families?

Would someone who is working for special-interest groups champion $34 million in funding to keep North Carolinians safe by making sure there are enough COVID-19 tests and being able to successfully trace back everyone who has possibly been in contact with someone infected?

Would someone that is working for special-interest groups champion legislation that requires health insurance companies to provide coverage for individuals with autism? Or would someone who works for special interests cut everyone’s state income taxes and make the first $21,500 for every family in North Carolina tax-free?

Why would Terri LeGrand or her supporters claim some crazy conspiracy theory when the record not only shows but proves that Krawiec works for North Carolinians?

Celeste Stanley


No regrets

Cal Cunningham has admitted publicly that he has engaged in a relationship with of a woman other than his wife that hurt his family and, to his credit, has taken responsibility for his actions (“Cunningham texts roil race for Senate,” Oct. 7).

His opponent, U.S. Sen. Thom Tillis, lacking any substantive ideas for helping his constituents suffering from the pandemic and the ensuing economic malaise, has attacked Cunningham in a desperate attempt to save his Senate seat while continuing to support a president who is a serial philanderer and adulterer.

I agree that Cunningham made a mistake, but I feel that he truly cares about the welfare of North Carolinians and will represent our interests, not those of the wealthy and the lobbyists in Washington. I have already voted for Cunningham and do not regret doing so.

Timothy Miles

Mount Airy


The virus is disappearing. So says the president of the United States. God blessed him by giving him the virus and curing him immediately. I guess the other 215,000 weren't on God's blessing list.

Send money so he can keep on winning. Hey, it's time for another indoor rally; no problems there. If he doesn't win, it's not fair.

Are there actually people who believe this man?

Robyn Mixon


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