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The Readers' Forum: Wednesday letters

The Readers' Forum: Wednesday letters

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Contributing to the rise

Congratulations to Winston-Salem for being recognized by Southern Living as one of the "Best Cities on the Rise” for 2021 (“Winston-Salem on the rise,” March 23). This distinction is well earned — and the Triad Woodcarvers is proud to be one of the arts organizations that, in promoting the art of woodcarving, contributes to the vast array of arts activities available to Winston-Salem residents and visitors. We have grown from 18 to 100 members in three years and are the fastest growing club in the Carolinas — and anticipate being one of the "Best Clubs on the Rise — 2021"!

We are a nonprofit of 100 artists with a mission to promote the art of woodcarving and provide free woodcarving instruction to new members. We give back to the community and have supported Sawtooth's Youth Scholarship Program, carve and donate carvings to residents of the Ronald McDonald House, and have a high school student woodcarving instruction program at STEM of the Triad Home School Association. We are partnered with ReadWS to co-sponsor an art show in Winston-Salem in November. The club displays members’ art and demonstrates woodcarving throughout the Triad.

Carving programs and free instruction are at Miller Park Community Center from 4 to 6 p.m. and 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. Mondays. We welcome new members. Learn more at

Ray Branch


Branch is the membership chairman of Triad Woodcarvers. — the editor

Support the governor

I’m a Republican, but I oppose the bill the Republicans in the N.C. House are pushing to circumvent the emergency powers given to the governor (“Lawmakers back bills aimed at limiting executive powers,” March 29). These powers should not be meted out according to whether the governor is a Republican or a Democrat. And they shouldn’t be revoked because Republicans are unhappy with Gov. Roy Cooper’s COVID restrictions. Many other states have done much worse than we did. I don’t agree with everything Cooper’s ever done, but he’s been conscientious about tackling the virus and I don’t like my representatives attacking him for it.

In a case of emergency, like this pandemic, someone at the top needs to have the authority to do what needs to be done without having a hundred committee meetings beforehand. I thought my fellow Republicans understood that.

Sometimes you’ve just got to admit it when the other side does something right. That’s what I want Democrats to do.

Kevin Fields


Moral dilemma?

I recently read an article in which the author posits that the recent spate of voter suppression laws being passed by Republican state legislatures is forcing a “moral dilemma” in the GOP.

Moral dilemma? This is the party that got past the ridiculing of a handicapped person; that thinks allegations of sexual assault, bribes to porn stars and full-tilt alignment with white supremacists are OK; that ignored enemy bounties on American soldiers; that lies to us with the frequency of breath; that thinks every nutjob who wants to shoot grocery shoppers or kindergartners has the right to buy whatever means necessary to do the job; that was fully on-board with the selfish negligence and lies that resulted in the needless deaths of hundreds of thousands of Americans due to COVID; that encouraged and conspired a treasonous assault on the American government that resulted in the death of five people.

Moral dilemma? It’s pretty evident the GOP crossed that Rubicon long ago.

It is why hundreds of thousands of former Republicans, those who still have a shred of decency, have switched out of their immoral party since its January insurrection. And why millions more switched before the election and split their ticket.

That GOP state legislatures are again trying to rig elections is but another fully expected example of how immoral the party is.

That anyone could posit that the party retains any modicum of morality from which a dilemma could emerge is surprising.

J. Kevin Bokeno


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