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The Readers' Forum: Wednesday letters

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As I watched the 2022 Winston-Salem Pride Parade down Fourth Street on Saturday (“Hundreds gather downtown for Pride Parade,” June 19), I was amazed at the hundreds or more people compared to the first such march I shared in dozens of years ago.

It was such a joyful, respectful and colorful celebration of people of all ages, genders, skin tones, orientations, ethnicities and more with Mayor Allen Joines, Forsyth County Sheriff Bobby Kimbrough, members of the Winston-Salem City Council and Forsyth County Board of Commissioners, members of the Winston-Salem/Forsyth County school board, as well as community, faith and business leaders, walking, riding and dancing together with a good police presence.

I felt pride to be a citizen of Forsyth County.

The Rev. Stewart Edward Ellis


A stunt bill

The June 16 front-page story “Fuel bill aims at making a point” was very entertaining.

In brief, it’s about a state House bill filed by Republicans that would require locations that offer free EV chargers to also offer free gas — which would accomplish … what? Nothing except the building of free EV chargers, which would slow our transition from fossil fuel to clean energy. It’s just another Republican gift to the oil industry.

“Until EVs are affordable for working families and made 100% in the USA, we need to do more to increase American energy production,” the bill’s co-sponsor, Rep. Ben Moss, told the Journal — while surely knowing that this bill would delay making EVs affordable for working families — and while knowing that “increasing American energy production,” i.e. increasing drilling for oil, will also delay making EVs affordable for working families.

What a laugh! Oh, how funny. Uh huh huh.

This is nothing but a stunt bill. Maybe its sponsors should get back to work.

James Lamb


Stop now

I appreciate the Journal’s coverage of Saturday’s Pride Parade (“Hundreds gather downtown for Pride Parade,” June 19), but I felt too much of the story concentrated on the five Republican protesters — who were a very minor blip on the day’s harmonious celebration — and not enough on all the good things that happened, including the food truck rodeo and the uplifting parade, attended by government officials, business leaders and individuals, all saying, “Gay is OK!”

In the vast scheme of things, the protesters, who confined themselves to one small street where they were barely visible, were insignificant — to anyone who didn’t read your story, giving them the attention they so desperately desire.

Which is just what I’m doing, so I’ll stop now.

Bethany Pare


Believe it

I’m telling you the truth and I do not lie.

I’m 36. And that’s a fact. Anybody says otherwise, they’re jealous.

There are facts and then there are other facts. This particular fact belongs to me and unless you are a stupid idiot it belongs to you, too. I am 36.

Now what you see may tell you I’m older than that, but your vision is just lying to you.

To anyone who brings up a birth certificate or driver’s license or other fake news, tell them to bug off. They are con artists. They are know-nothing, dirty turncoats. Don’t listen to them, don’t give them the time of day. I’m 36. Have proven it in the courts. Have it on all the social media. I have shouted it over and over and over. At least half the world believes me, because they know I would not lie. No, I wouldn’t.

Anybody who claims to be my relative and says I’m lying doesn’t know diddley squat. I’m 36. I have been 36 all my life and those who say otherwise are ignorant fools.

Half of the world now knows I’m 36 because I have been saying that for years and you better believe it like the rest of the world. If you don’t believe it you are a jerk and a know-nothing and I won’t like you anymore and you will not be loved by the rest of the world, either.

I am 36.

Dell James



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