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The Readers' Forum: Wednesday letters

The Readers' Forum: Wednesday letters

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Excellent work

I had the distinct honor and privilege of serving as a poll observer during Forsyth County’s early voting as well as on Election Day. Altogether, I served as an observer for nearly 30 hours. Most of my time was spent at the Winston Lake YMCA early voting site.

For anyone who is concerned about fraudulent or inappropriate actions possibly taken by poll workers or other election officials, I’d like to share my firsthand observation — in particular, those impressions I formed through many hours spent observing at the Winston Lake YMCA. Chief election judges Louise Lash and Willa Scales Redd and their poll worker colleagues were focused first and foremost on following the law, and making sure that everyone who was registered to vote in Forsyth County was able to do so. When issues arose with a particular voter’s information — with a change of address, for example — they worked through the problem, and at the same time provided excellent client service to members of the voting public.

We owe a debt of gratitude that goes well beyond what is paid to these good citizens for their time and effort in helping us to exercise the sacred right to vote. Join me in thanking them for their commitment to the citizens of Forsyth County.

Mary Carmel Kaczmarek


Gratifying condemnation

The level of vitriol and condescension in Allen Johnson’s Nov. 16 column (“Dear Trump voters: Help me understand why”) was astonishing. It was hate-filled and divisive to an extreme. Correct me if I am wrong, but wouldn’t that type of communication be one of his favorite charges against President Trump? Why is his doing it OK?

He describes a pastor neighbor with whom he seemingly has a very good relationship. Then, he does the unthinkable and puts out a Trump sign. “I wondered if he could hear my disappointment,” Johnson states. Wow. Talk about wrapping yourself in a blanket of superiority.

He proceeds to describe five more folks (three individuals and a couple) he knows who “disappointed” him with their Trump support. He even manages to toss a racism bomb into the mix. Apparently all six of his ne’er-do-well acquaintances are white. That irresponsible jab was lost on no one.

Finally, the attacks and over-the-top rhetoric takes a pause and he says, “We need to talk. First, of course, we’d have to agree to a common reality.” The obviously implication being that his reality is the common reality we’d have to agree to. Ah, that blanket of superiority wraps around him well.

I’ll close with this: The executive editor asked for help understanding why people vote for Trump. He described six Trump supporters he has relationships with. Yet, he managed to ask none of them why. It appears condemnation was more gratifying than actually seeking answers to his query.

R.S. Keith


Listen and read

Thanks to Allen Johnson for his poignant Nov. 16 column: “Dear Trump voters: Help me understand why.” The questions he poses are ones many of us have pondered for five years.

How can people who seem so good, caring and honest support a man and his enablers who are exactly the opposite? Are they one-issue voters? For the life of me, I cannot figure out what one issue would be so important as to ignore what is happening to our country. Or are his supporters so wealthy that they fear their money will be taken from them to help others? Or, are they listening to only a narrow venue of media that unfortunately distorts the truth?

The success of our democracy depends on its citizens to be well informed. That means we listen and read multiple opinions. That also means we reach across the aisle and work together for the common good of all people.

Carol Ashley


A new dimension

“The Emperor's New Clothes” has taken on a new dimension. Apparently, losing an election is the same as winning, or so our president would have us believe. He hides in his palace so he doesn't have to acknowledge the election results and comes out only to ride in a car among his minions and bask in their congratulations.

Meanwhile, people die daily from a pandemic that he ignores and he removes from our government any who have not shown "his majesty" sufficient loyalty.

I fear what the next 60 days may bring. May God help us all.

Robyn Mixon


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