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The Readers' Forum: Wednesday letters
The Readers’ Forum

The Readers' Forum: Wednesday letters

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A confusing picture

I am confused after considering two Jan. 7 Journal articles (“Governor extends statewide curfew for three weeks,” “County schools forge ahead with reopening plans”), one posted above the other.

Gov. Roy Cooper said " ... in North Carolina, we have seen some of our highest case counts, percent positives, hospitalizations and ICU bed usage numbers in the past few days. No matter where you live, work, worship or play, COVID-19 remains a deadly threat, and we must treat it that way."

N.C. Health Secretary Dr. Mandy Cohen warned, “There is an alarming amount of virus everywhere in our state. We are in a very dangerous position and this is the most worried I have been during the pandemic. Every single North Carolinian needs to take immediate action to save lives and protect themselves and each other.”

The second article details the Winston-Salem/Forsyth County Schools board’s decision to reopen schools on Jan. 11 to three more grades, and to the remaining grades by the end of January. Teachers will not have been vaccinated yet. This timing seems out of order, and imprudent on the part of the school board.

If we listen to the wisdom of the health secretary and consider students from different households in a room together, we should all be concerned. Children have emotional and academic needs, but staying alive and stopping spread is a need. Teachers worked hard to establish successful ways to teach remotely. Let them continue doing so, to keep everyone safe until all are vaccinated.

Emily MacMillan


They would be alive

Because of what President Trump said to a crowd of supporters in D.C. on Jan. 6, an unruly mob broke into the Capitol building and vandalized one of the most respected institutions in the United States of America. When it was all over, five people were dead. If not for Trump's actions and words these five people would be alive today.

Donald Trump needs to be removed from office as soon as possible and thrown into jail. The thugs who unlawfully entered the Capitol and caused all the damage and death should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. The members of Congress who were complicit and or contributed to these events have blood on their hands and should resign!

Alberto J. Carrillo


Pelosi’s obsession

Donald Trump will be president for only another week or so. He will very soon be a footnote in history. So, it is puzzling that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is so hell-bent on impeaching him. An impeachment effort will occupy weeks of Congress’ time when they should be working with President-elect Joe Biden to move on from Trump and establish a new administration.

Pelosi’s hatred of Trump has been obvious for some time, but her latest behavior is, frankly, troubling. She has been urging Vice President Mike Pence to implement removal based on the 25th Amendment, and failing that she seems determined to force impeachment proceedings. It is almost as if since she failed in her first attempt to have him removed, her wounded pride is demanding that she hang his scalp on her belt before she runs out of time.

Frankly, these recent irrational actions of Pelosi are beginning to look more like some kind of disturbing behavior bordering on obsession, and it is discomforting to realize that a person with this mindset is the leader of the House of Representatives and third in line for the presidency.

Herbert Osmon


Be thankful

It is unfortunate that Scott Sexton wrote such a negative column about the Forsyth County Health Department vaccination program (“Supply, demand and phone lines prove frustrating,” Jan. 8). The two complimentary letters in the same edition of the Journal were more in line with my experience and that of our friends and neighbors.

It is difficult to get through on the phone but persistence pays off.

I had rather wait an hour or more on the phone in a warm house than in a line at the health department. I am amazed that they have been able to handle the volume of calls and find enough people to handle the vaccinations efficiently.

Everyone I know who has been through the health department has been highly complementary of their effort, which I think has been outstanding. The vaccination program is well-organized and I have yet to hear a single negative remark about the personnel involved. We in Forsyth County should be thankful.

James P. Dickerson


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