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The Readers' Forum: Why would they vote against vets?

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A vote against veterans

The Honoring our PACT Act of 2021 is legislation passed by the U.S. House of Representatives and U.S. Senate by large margins ("Roll call," June 19). This bill will provide health care through the Department of Veteran Affairs to veterans exposed to toxic substances, ensures veterans aren’t forced to prove their exposure before receiving care and makes improvements to the department’s process for receiving care for exposure. Sounds like a no-brainer — we take care of our vets who were exposed to toxic substances.

Reps. David Rouzer, Patrick McHenry, Madison Cawthorn, Dan Bishop, Ted Budd and Virginia Foxx, along with senators Thom Tillis and Richard Burr, all voted against the bill.

We all need to remember this in November when they will be bragging about their support for veterans!

Bill Vaassen

Rural Hall

We’re going backward

“Fuel bill aims at making a point” (June 16) stated that the N.C. legislature was developing a bill “to make a point” concerning electric vehicle charging stations.

Isn’t it great that our legislators have time to write useless bills targeting clean energy? They are happy to welcome the Toyota battery plant to North Carolina, with its jobs and tax base, but then feel that “free EV charging stations” are a disservice to those who still drive gas-powered vehicles? That is crazy talk!

And, to make matters worse, the bill is said to require that an equal number of gas pumps be installed to dispense free gas! How would that even be possible?

They’re sending the message that climate change is not a problem and that drivers of electric vehicles, who pay hefty vehicle registration fees, should be penalized by paying to charge those vehicles. How will we ever move forward in the battle we are already losing against climate change by disincentivizing EV ownership?

I have an idea: Ask our legislators, who seem to have time their hands, to come up with a package to reimburse citizens who install solar panels. The surplus from EV registrations, about $850,000 in 2019, could be used for that purpose.

Why are we going backward? Let’s encourage EV purchases in order to meet Gov. Roy Cooper’s target of 1.3 million EVs by 2030. And, let’s elect legislators who are forward thinking and believe climate change is a critical threat to our state!

Anne Markey Jones


Learned our lesson?

Rubens Navarrette’s June 17 column “Save the police. Disband the NRA.” is, in my opinion, the best he has written (or, at least, the best I’ve read) and should be required reading for all Americans. I would simply add that, by disbanding the NRA, we would take a giant step toward saving American lives and our society, as well as the police.

However, I was greatly disturbed by the writer of the June 17 letter “Trump 2024” and Mark Thiessen’s June 18 column “Do Democrats want Trump to win in 2024?” These two men seem to think that high gas and grocery prices are more important than losing our system of government.

Inflation is not pleasant for anyone, especially for those of us on a fixed income, but do we want a president who feels that laws do not apply to him or his associates? Do we want a president who can dispose of legitimately-cast votes? Do we want a president who damages the reputation of the United States? Do we want a president who riles up his followers to violence, then sits back and gloats?

I pray that we have learned our lesson and will not fall for his lies again.

Mary Billingsley


The only difference

As of May 31, the average gas price per gallon in the U.S. was $4.79.

In Canada, it was $6.49; England, $8.17; France, $8.06; Italy, $7.78; Australia, $5.45; Brazil, $5.78 and Germany, $8.80. The only difference in those countries is that they don’t have those stupid little President Biden “I did this” stickers on the pumps.

Richard Woodward



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