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Thursday letters: Biden has a bold vision for America

Thursday letters: Biden has a bold vision for America

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A bold vision

It’s good to have a real president again.

Joe Biden’s gravitas is evident. He’s smart, selfless, focused on the tasks at hand and works hard. A statesman, he doesn’t waste time on personal grievances and doesn’t take the bait offered by Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell and Republican fiction writers.

He has a bold vision for America in which the truly forgotten — the working poor, the shrinking middle class, immigrants, people of color, women, gays, the transgendered, Christians, Jews, Muslims — are also heroes who will make the 21st century an American century.

Biden understands that when the government needs money, the government should go to the 2% who have that money, not pile more taxes on the 98% who don’t. The 2% have refused to pay for anything for 40 years now. Not anymore.

He has laid out economic and social transformation for America that, once implemented, will return not only the presidency, but the nation, to the pinnacle of prosperity, power and prestige.

It’s no surprise that Republicans, so-called conservatives, while whining about partisanship, are doing everything possible to make Biden fail. Republicans have nothing to offer the American people and they know it. Scratch the surface of any Republican agenda and you will find Herbert Hoover. The same old, fatuous, long discredited economic and social ideology that hasn’t produced anything good in 100 years.

Republicans know all too well that, as Biden’s goals for America are realized, the Democratic Party will be returned to permanent majority status.

Andy Miller


Genocide politicization

As a direct descendant of Armenian genocide victims, I am deeply offended by the politicization of the genocide in a recent letter to The Readers’ Forum (“Abortion v. adoption,” April 27). Along with U.S. Jim Crow laws, and the near extermination of Native Americans, Adolf Hitler used the Armenian genocide as incentive for the Holocaust.

Until President Biden’s recent announcement, most Americans likely were unaware that the Armenian genocide ever occurred. Many undoubtedly still do not know. The century-long denial of this horrific event in world history is proof of the power of "who controls the narrative.”

To cite the Armenian genocide merely to further an unrelated political purpose continues the blatant disregard of the enormity of this tragedy for the genocide’s victims and their families.

Linda Winikoff


Actual commitments

A recent email from Sen. Thom Tillis makes some bold claims but provides no examples to support it:

"There are plenty of Republicans like me who are willing to work with President Biden and even put some of our supporters out of their comfort zone for the good of this nation. In fact, when he was sworn in, I said I would work to find common ground on areas where we may agree and vigorously oppose policies where we do not. Unfortunately, there has been little opportunity to do the latter. The willingness to negotiate has only been a one-way street on the part of Republicans."

What exactly is he willing to work with Democrats on? Where has he done that recently? Tillis doesn't have a record of bipartisanship, so I would love for him to make actual commitments to his constituents about what he would support.

North Carolina needs the programs Biden is discussing now: We need jobs and infrastructure. We need health care. We would also love to see parental leave. These are basic, foundational needs of North Carolinians regardless of political party and affiliation.

Republicans need to stop blowing smoke and get out there and work across the aisle. Instead they sit there and huff and puff when Democrats are doing exactly what Republicans did just a few months ago. If they were actually willing to work together then maybe we would have some progress in our country.

Heather Woodward


COVID response

After reading the May 2 letter “Falling in line,” calling for everyone to stand on their own, I’m trying to picture what the response to COVID would look like if every American took responsibility for themselves rather than following the “dictate of the day,” as the writer puts it.

Wouldn’t it be much like it already is, with most people deciding to wear a mask to protect themselves and everyone else?

Incidentally, there’s really been no “dictate.” Nobody is being forced to wear a mask. They can do without one and accept whatever consequences arise, right?

Raymond Deal



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