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The Readers' Forum: Friday letters
The Readers’ Forum

The Readers' Forum: Friday letters

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Vote against fear

Russia is a great nation. Great spirit. It produced Leo Tolstoy and Fyodor Dostoyevsky. It defeated Germany’s “invincible” army at Stalingrad. Great technology. It was first into space with the Sputnik satellite. First human being in space? Russian cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin. In the last decade, Russia has developed a top-notch cyber capability second to none on Earth. Great fear. Ivan the Terrible, Vladimir Lenin, Joseph Stalin. Ask Alexei Navalny about the current Russian government.

Russia is our opponent. In 1840, the Frenchman Alexis de Tocqueville said that America and Russia would vie for first place. This has largely unfolded from Yalta to Berlin to Cuba to Ukraine to the United States election in 2016. While operating alone, or as a Russian empire, the objective has been the same: more power, more control.

The United States has had similar objectives, but it is different in a fundamental way. Russia rules by fear. The United States does not lack its own interest in making enemies fear its might, but, at its core, it has not operated with fear as a principle of governance.

In the upcoming United States election, we will experience total technological mastery of cyber-communication through all American social media. The messages will mostly be about fear and social division. And these messages will come from a top-notch, second-to-none cyber-warfare hacker team in Russia. When we hear the message of fear, we are hearing Russian hackers. Vote against fear.

Thomas Hagerty



In response to the most recent (as I write) allegations and President Trump failing to protect Americans from coronavirus, former South Bend, Ind., mayor and war veteran Pete Buttigieg tweeted, “People in countries whose leaders told them the truth about COVID didn’t ‘panic.’ They responded. And as a result, far fewer of them died.”

It’s not that hard to understand unless you’re really, really, really determined not to.

Lonnie Kirkman


Some numbers

I'm writing in response to Michael Reagan’s Sept. 12 column, “America is not a racist country.” He has grown tired and weary of reading/seeing so much coverage of how Black and brown people continue to be persecuted in our country (imagine how they must feel). He insists that because many Black people have risen to prominent positions (entertainment, the presidency, his family members), then America cannot be a racist country. This is complete absurdity. We did elect a Black president, but not before 219 years of only white male presidents.

Since Reagan cited some numbers, I thought I would too (taken from the book “White Fragility,” these numbers are from 2016-2017):

  • U.S. Congress: 90% white.
  • U.S. governors: 96% white.
  • Top military advisers: 100% white.
  • President and vice president: 100% white.
  • Current U.S. Freedom Caucus: 99% white.
  • Ten richest Americans: 100% white.
  • People who decide which TV shows we see: 93% white.
  • People who decide which books we read: 90% white.
  • People who decide which news is covered: 85% white.
  • Teachers: 82% white.
  • Owners of men's professional football teams: 97% white.

This is where our country's power and influence lie. I think the numbers speak for themselves. Now, before we can get to work trying to remedy this, let's at least acknowledge that we are, indeed, a racist nation.

Amy Jones


DNA samples

What’s to fear? If President Trump isn’t guilty of rape, then why won’t he prove it by allowing E. Jean Carroll's lawyers to collect a DNA sample?

Carroll is not the only woman, by far, who has accused Trump of rape. But in a dressing room at Bergdorf Goodman? Maybe the man was just too cheap to buy her that mink stole?

Had he ponied up, the case couldn’t be classified as rape. No wonder America is now the laughingstock of the world.

Janet Joyner


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