Trump and veterans

Your July 22 editorial, “Trump policies hurt veterans,” begins with the question “What does the Trump administration have against veterans?” You point out that twice now in two months the administration has sided with the for-profit universities instead of veterans.

That’s a shocker, considering Trump’s own for-profit, fraud-ridden “university.” What President Trump has against veterans is that he is not one and cannot legitimately claim to be one. It is jealousy.

As a veteran, I cannot understand how any military person, current or former, can support a cowardly serial draft-dodger as commander in chief of the United States Armed Forces. Frankly, I cannot understand how any American can do so.

At the close of your opinion you state, “When it comes to grabbing headlines by interfering in the military justice system, Trump is all too eager.” This is what you get when you elect a coward as your commander in chief, a man who has no clue about the military. How could he?

George Bedsworth


Don’t wait

COVID-19 has demanded a new view of health care. The cost of a positive diagnosis can be devastating in terms of our health but can be equally devastating on our financial well-being. Those concerns alone can be reason enough for avoiding the hospital, or specifically the emergency department.

Even in the midst of this global pandemic, heart disease and stroke continue to be the leading causes of death and/or disability in the United States. Medical intervention is necessary for recovery. Faster treatment has been shown to improve outcomes.

Despite the increased chances of survival with early treatment, hospitals are seeing a sharp decrease in patients with severe heart attacks and strokes. Why the decrease? Possibly fear of contracting COVID-19. Possibly cost of treatment.

Why does this matter? Any delay in seeking care could result in increased damage to the heart or the brain. Early diagnosis and intervention mean an increase in tissue saved, whether in the heart or the brain.

Emergencies don’t care if a pandemic is raging around us. Heart or brain emergencies remain the same, requiring early detection and intervention. Don’t let the fear of COVID-19 prevent you from seeking life-saving health care. Ignoring the signs/symptoms of heart disease can lead to consequences that will last long after the pandemic is over.

The emergency department is the only place for definitive diagnosis and treatment of a life-threatening emergency of the heart and brain. Don’t wait; time wasted is tissue lost.

Wendy Rash


Court rulings

The writer of the July 25 letter, “The rule of law,” who wrote that President Trump “has consistently abided by lower-court injunctions against his policies, injunctions that have invariably been overturned by higher courts,” is wrong. Trump’s policies have often been overruled by the Supreme Court — a conservative court that Trump claims is supposed to be on his side. The court has ruled against the president’s positions on abortion, LGBT rights, DACA and on whether he can continue to hide his tax returns.

That is literally, not “invariably.”

It’s also hard not to notice that the way Trump has “abided by lower court injunctions” has been to whine that “so-called judges” have been “very unfair” to him.

Is this a clue for all of us about how Trump supporters see the world — through Trump-colored glasses?

I guess if Trump never tells the truth, they don’t have to, either.

Leland Stoat


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