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The Readers' Forum: Friday letters

The Readers' Forum: Friday letters

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A jury of his peers

Participating in the U.S. or state court justice system as a juror is a huge commitment of time, energy and emotion for many of us who take seriously our duties as American citizens. The concept of a jury trial is central to our system of justice — flawed as it is in certain respects — allowing a person accused of a crime or of wrongdoing in a civil matter to be judged by a jury of their peers.

GOP operative Roger Stone was judged by a jury of his peers over a period of weeks after being charged with lying to Congress. Men and women jurors sat day in and day out listening to the prosecution’s case against him and to his defense from the best lawyers money can buy. Those jury members gave up their valuable work, family and recreational time to do their civic duty. No doubt it took a toll on them, professionally in some cases and personally.

And yet again by commuting the properly decided and appropriate sentence of Roger Stone, President Trump showed his utter disdain for Americans who do their duty for our country.

Let’s show him what we think of that by voting him out of office in November. We can order our absentee ballots right now in North Carolina. Let’s do it for our fellow citizens who follow the rules and do their jobs — unlike Trump and his felonious friends.

Mary Carmel Kaczmarek


We can’t live in caves

I realize that most of your readers love Gov. Roy Cooper and support him in everything he does. And when people like me point out that, sooner or later, we’re going to have to open our stores and schools and restaurants, we’re portrayed as being callous and heartless and willing to risk children’s lives.

I’m not callous; I care about people. I don’t want anyone to be infected. But we can’t stay huddled at home forever; we all need to get out.

I’m not saying we need to do so with no precautions. I don’t like wearing a mask, but I wear one when I go out and it looks like most people do and I’m glad. When I see someone without a mask, I stay away from him or her.

All I wish is that Cooper would work with Republicans in the legislature a bit more. They don’t want anyone to die, either.

We have to take precautions, but we have to get back to living. I regret that some people, including some on “my side,” have set it up as if it’s either one way or the other. It’s not. It’s both. I’m willing to do my part, but we can’t live in caves forever.

Kevin Fields


Equal treatment

What is going on in Winston-Salem? For weeks, our police department has been voluntarily shutting down streets to allow the BLM movement access to roads to exercise free speech rights. They shut down Interstate 40 a couple of times.

All of a sudden last Wednesday and Thursday nights, the police decided that they couldn’t even shut down one block in front of the Sheriff’s Office. They have arrested something like 20 people for walking in the street (“Protests continue,” July 11).

Walking in the streets on weeknights in downtown Winston-Salem? How much traffic can they possibly be blocking?

Maybe it’s because those protests hit a little too close to home? John Neville died in police custody. District Attorney Jim O’Neill and the Sheriff’s Office worked to downplay it for months. You can remember O’Neill as the reason Kalvin Michael Smith never got justice.

The woman whom Neville was accused of molesting will now never have her day in court. Just because we have people of color in office does not mean that people of color in the community are being treated equally in the eyes of the law. Thanks to the Journal for your coverage.

Jim Grice



It’s going to be known, finally, as the Trump virus.

Tommy H. Simmons


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