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The Readers' Forum: Monday letters

The Readers' Forum: Monday letters

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Every reporter — and opinion columnist, for that matter — who works for The Washington Post has an editor looking over his or her shoulder, asking, “Is this accurate? Can we justify this claim?” President Trump, on the other hand, can tell any lie he wants, and does every day, and he’s cleared his administration of anyone who might question him. But the writer of the July 4 letter “Your failure” says that the Post is “Fake News.” How is anyone supposed to take that claim seriously?

Everyone knows that Trump has a vendetta against Jeff Bezos, who owns the Post, and is even threatening to dismantle the U.S. Postal Service if it won’t quadruple its charges on Amazon, which Bezos also owns. But some would rather smear the press and lose their mail service than accept a word of criticism against Trump.

Helen Batterton


A new opportunity

I’m amazed at the new opportunity to gain support for anything I believe is important and has the support of family, friends and others who may have a similar interest in my cause. I have been under the impression that street murals were illegal. (Isn’t it against the law to sell spray paint to someone under 18?) But now, it seems the “Black Lives Matter” movement has opened the door to spray, roll or brush messages on public property with bright and various colors of paint.

I’m retired, but I’m rethinking a business opportunity to sell “Street Art Advertising” and, unless I’m missing something, can pick a street of choice for my new clients and create their message in large, bold and bright letters. The subject matter is endless: political messaging, marriage proposals, general advertising and all provided under free speech on any given street, highway, residential area or business district.

Protesting has taken some opportunity away from me already but with my new business, I’m still going to need lots of help.

Please don’t worry about my being arrested, since the precedent has already been set with roads even being closed by the police so previous artists could do their work. This is amazing — painting on public property under police protection! I only have two job qualifications for new employees: You must know the alphabet and be able to paint within the lines.

Joe Eskridge


Questioning patriotism

In response to the July 4 letter “Your failure:”

As a member of the so-called “Socialist D.N.C.,” I suggest that the writer look to his fascist president, who refuses to answer the U.S. intelligence that says Russia paid bounties for dead American soldiers in Afghanistan. If he continues to support Trump, he is the one who needs to examine his values and his patriotism.

As a Gold Star family member, I can say these are not the values for which my family fought and died. How dare he question the patriotism of others while he refuses to question the patriotism of this draft-dodging president who praises dictators and the enemies of our country? This president and the entire Republican Party that elected and protected him are a disgrace to our country.

Jo Ann Mount



President Trump’s threat to withhold federal funds from schools reminds me of a couple of expressions used in the military: “Cancel all leave until morale improves” and “Morale will improve or heads will roll.”

The difference is that the military folks were being facetious; unfortunately, Trump isn’t.

David Hatcher


All of the above

President Trump said, in a recent well-publicized speech on July 4, that 99% of coronavirus cases are “harmless.” He again said the virus will “disappear.” He continues to hold rallies in which participants are packed in close proximity to each other and not wearing masks.

All the above are in contradiction to Trump’s own administration guidelines. All the above accelerate spread of the virus. All the above increase serious illness and death.

Unfortunately, Trump is our leader. He is showing terrible destructive leadership. He is acting against the interest of the citizens he is sworn to serve.

Evan Ballard


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