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The Readers' Forum: Monday letters

The Readers' Forum: Monday letters

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Back to the future

Back in the 1960s, John Lewis suffered serious injuries when he was attacked by the police while peacefully protesting for civil rights.

Now, we’re witness the same thing. After the sad death of George Floyd, peaceful protesters were attacked by federal soldiers in Lafayette Square to have them quickly removed from the location. Although these protests continue to be, for the most part, peaceful, and for the great cause of equality and fairness for all people, the police and, now, unidentified federal officers, are ever-present at some sites. The beatings, gassings, shootings with rubber bullets and forcing of protesters into unmarked cars have caused increased tensions on both sides with a small part of the protests turning into riots. This, in turn, is playing into the hands of protest opponents.

The protesters must remember Rep. John Lewis’ words, “Get in good trouble,” and wear these words as a shield. They must carry his beautiful spirit of hope and equality from his famous statement, “Find a way to get in the way.” Let these words be their wings to fly over all the turmoil others are causing, and keep to their purpose and message. Do not lose sight of what their final goal is!

A large percentage of Americans are behind the protesters. They are already successful in making changes come about. They will make for a greater world for everyone!

Kathi Diana


Two WSJs

I read two WSJs every morning: the Winston-Salem Journal and The Wall Street Journal, both delivered in the same plastic bag.

On July 31, what a bold contrast regarding the treatment of President Trump’s tweet raising the question about delaying the November election.

The local version had the Richard Craver anti-Trump opinion compilation piece (“Analysis: Trump election tweet an attempt to distract”) (very thinly disguised as a news report) on the front page; whoa! The AP news piece followed on page 7 (“Trump suggests election delay, draws blowback”) (also pretty much routinely anti-Trump).

The Wall Street Journal version had a straight-forward news item on page 4 (“Trump Floats Idea of Election Delay”). Its editorial correctly followed on the opinion page (“Delay the Election???”). It pretty much just made the case that Trump should not have tweeted and that he cannot unilaterally change the election date.

Your local (hyphenated W-SJ) editorial policy continues to drive me toward just one version in that plastic bag every morning.

Robert Linnell


Who knew?

I must disagree with the writer of the July 30 letter “Trump’s absence.” People who voted for President Trump didn’t overlook his racism; they just didn’t believe the accusations. They thought the media were lying.

Also, who could have guessed that a flim-flam man, a blowhard who went bankrupt with a casino among other businesses, a total amateur who had never held elected office, would have failed so badly? None of us expected this.

Plus, he hugged a flag. Who wouldn’t have been fooled by that?

I’m sure people will do a little more research this year before they vote.

Ron F. Slater


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