Stand and demand justice

Once again a monstrous killing has jolted us, as untold victims of disease, racism, violence, poverty, neglect, toxicity, abuse — including Planet Earth herself — are shrieking, rasping, gasping to say, “I can’t breathe!” Opportunistic race-baiting, fomenting of hatred, greed, lawlessness, rejection of science, mockery of medical expertise and precaution, repression of the press and the truth, the brutal call-out of military troops against peacefully protesting citizens — all are attempts to choke the breath from our democracy and the humanity from our race — the human race.

Fortunately, Americans are sick and tired of racism and its deadly, downward spiral that drags each of us under. Americans are fed up with greed and callous disregard for others. Americans are standing up to those deploying cruel, racist tripe to divide and conquer us. Americans are turning away from those, domestic and foreign, who profit from our hard times and use them against us. Americans are turning to real leaders who know suffering and sacrifice and inspire us to rise to our challenges and beyond.

Like the millions of Americans who are standing up and demanding justice for George Floyd, Americans will stand again in November for what’s good and what’s right, for leaders who breathe life into our principles, our people, our global community and this precious planet.

We will never forget George Floyd. In America, “the land of the free,” “the beacon on the hill,” we can and we must stand now, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.

Ann Holton Guill


Adam and Eve

Although God told Adam and Eve to leave the Garden of Eden, they cast themselves out by eating the forbidden apple.

Has our country embraced the right to not wear a mask and not to socially distance during COVID-19 to kill (cast out) many who do not value the true gifts of God-given life? Are we sacrificing the enduring, eternal qualities of love, caring and helpfulness to the non-perpetual existence of power and money? Have we become a modern-day Adam and Eve?

Diana Ward


A modest solution

Remove the Confederate statues and memorabilia? Such acts can be illegal and violate many sensibilities; we wouldn’t want that.

During the recent removal of one of the icons, a person was, in fact, injured. Apparently some of these removals are done in haste and lack the talent and skills necessary. For a professional removal, I offer a modest solution; it won’t satisfy everyone … but, then again, nothing does.

I don’t think it is written anywhere that a monument or memorial must be elevated. I believe the monument or statue in question could temporarily be removed and replaced at a later time in its place of honor, only submerged from the surrounding topography. After it is removed, a hole is dug in the ground. The hole can then be made to be a permanent place to display/honor the once elevated monument.

Think of the old missile silos in the upper Midwest. The interior walls could be adorned with all manner things, e.g., pictures, murals, etc. Yes, to view this semi-sacred relic to some bygone past you would have to look down, not up. And, in most cases, you could pass right by and not be troubled by an unwanted viewing of the monument or what it represents at all.

Charles Swanson


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