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The Readers' Forum: Saturday letters
The Readers’ Forum

The Readers' Forum: Saturday letters

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Conservatives reflexively support the police officer who killed Jacob Blake. They also reflexively support the 17-year-old who killed two protesters in Kenosha — the one who has been charged with murder.

Their excuse is “self-defense.” But they don’t know that’s true, they just assume it’s true. Probably because the killers were white.

They don’t afford Black men that privilege.

That’s part of what we mean by “white privilege.”

Henry Darter


Insufficient coverage

As a World War II history buff, I thought the Journal's coverage of the 75th anniversary of the end of the war on Sept. 2 was glaringly insufficient. Mike Wells did have a great but short guest column on the topic “A prayer for the greatest generation.”

The paper's other reference to World War II was about a bitter man who was interred due to his Japanese heritage (“Japanese man recalls bitter internment in US”). Looking back, most can see this treatment of Japanese-American citizens wasn't right. However, it was infinitely better than the way Japan treated tens of thousands of U.S. POWs, many dying of starvation and disease while in captivity.

Hidekazu Tamura wasn't a slave laborer, he wasn't starved and he is still alive. Tell his story to the relatives of the more than 100,000 Americans who died fighting the Japanese and ask where their sympathies lie.

Harold Threatt


Balancing commitments

As a state, North Carolina is abounding with natural resources and beauty, from the crisp, cool mountain air to the pristine coastal sands. Balancing commitments to protect our environment with the needs of development that provides jobs and resources for our state never is an easy task.

Dan Besse, who is running for N.C. House District 74, understands that North Carolina has a fundamental obligation to protect clean water and air for all our people. He will ensure that our public health and environmental protection agencies receive the funding and support they need to ensure our water supplies and our air.

Dan has worked on environmental issues for decades, and he knows that a clean environment is compatible with a strong economy. In fact, the long-term health of our economy requires that we protect our natural heritage of farmland, forest, fishing and wildlife from the mountains to the sea.

Dan is committed to developing our vast potential for clean, renewable energy sources, especially solar and wind. He supports improving vehicle efficiency and providing green transportation alternatives, including public transit. His experience includes serving for 20 years as a governor-appointed member of state rulemaking commissions charged with protecting clean water and public health. He can put his experience and knowledge to work, representing Forsyth County in Raleigh.

Jessica Sedo


Not a bad movie

At last count, The Washington Post had President Trump's number of documented false statements surpassing 20,000. Yes, the president of the United States of America has made 20,000 false statements to us.

Need an over-the-counter treatment for COVID-19? Trying injecting Lysol. Reckitt Benckiser, its manufacturer, actually had to publicly denounce this idea, because, you guessed it, the president wondered out loud about injecting disinfectants.

Asked on camera, in the Oval Office, about accepting foreign help during the election, the president of the United States answered that he would.

With the White House behind him, accepting the 2020 nomination, the president of the United States warned that the burning and looting and the mayhem in Portland and Minneapolis and Chicago would become the normal state of affairs if Joe Biden were elected. The president of the United States claims no responsibility for the current condition of our country while, yes, actually being the president of the United States.

This is not a bad movie, nor is it a silly joke. It is not simply a con man or a grifter being caught, in plain sight, over and over again. No, this is the state of our country. This is the state of Donald Trump's America. It is broken.

Our president lies, prescribes quackery, perpetrates corruption and then denies all responsibility, all to "Make America Great, Again."

Is this the America we choose? Does Donald Trump represent you? Is this the best “We the People” can do? Our choice. Vote.

Gary Bolick


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