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The Readers' Forum: Sunday letters

The Readers' Forum: Sunday letters

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Ignore the facts

Let's ignore the fact that leaders of nations around the world trusted in their citizens' ability to handle the truth about coronavirus and not to panic. Let's ignore the fact that citizens throughout the world did not panic. Let's ignore the fact that when other countries told their citizens the truth and shut things down, the citizens complied and the infection rate of the coronavirus was dramatically reduced. Let's ignore the fact that most other countries initially hit by the coronavirus are now open.

President Trump has said that he downplayed the coronavirus because he did not want to create panic in the U.S. and throughout the world. This would indicate that Trump believes the citizens of this country are not capable of handling the truth and the facts of how deadly the coronavirus is to its citizens. Obviously, Trump thinks that the citizens of this country are too dumb or too ignorant to handle truth and reality. Or, maybe, he is thinking in terms of his base's abilities.

David Botchin


Trump's heart

“He didn’t make those remarks,” Robert Schweickert, a veteran from Moravian Falls, told a Journal reporter following Tuesday’s Trump rally (“Trump stirs up crowd,” Sept. 9). “His heart would not let him make those remarks.”

But there’s quite a bit of evidence to suggest he did.

During a rally in 2017, President Trump disparaged America’s four-star generals. He called them “losers,” dopes” and “babies.” It’s on tape.

If he talks about the generals that way — as well as war veteran Sen. John McCain and Gold Star families — why wouldn’t he call deceased soldiers “losers” or “suckers”? Somebody split that hair for me.

In the meantime, Trump has never said a bad word about Russian President Vladimir Putin. What does that tell us about his heart?

How have so many Americans come to be so willfully blind to Trump’s true character? Are they really getting that much out of it? What exactly are they getting out of allowing themselves to be deceived? Does it feel that good?

They should pay attention to all the people Trump has stabbed in the back or thrown under the bus. (Postmaster General Louis DeJoy is about to join their ranks.) You can’t trust someone like that. They could well be next.

Helen Batterton


American exceptionalism

I encourage readers to ignore articles disparaging our country and realize that we are truly fortunate living here.

The coronavirus scare, enforced public distancing and daily protests have caused many to become despondent. Mainstream media, along with “elites” safely ensconced at home, would have us believe that our country is deplorable. Do not despair, nor be misled, as history confirms we are a blessed people living in an exceptional country! Not perfect, but a land of boundless opportunity.

I encourage everyone, especially home-schooling families, to watch Ken Burns’ extraordinary World War II film, “The War.” You will feel much better about our country when witnessing the sacrifices our parents and grandparents made on our behalf. Burns does not overlook the difficult problems we faced, but the movie will rekindle a sense of pride in the U.S. and gratitude for brave ancestors who died defeating Hitler’s tyranny.

Watching “The War” should also alert parents to what is currently being taught as “history” in many schools, the false narrative called the “1619 Project,” a revisionist version of our country’s founding. Eric Metaxas’ book “If You Can Keep It: The Forgotten Promise of American Liberty,” makes a powerful argument supporting American exceptionalism and should be required reading.

President Reagan said: “Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn't pass it to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected and handed on for them to do the same …” We should take this to heart.

Dan Williams


Self-destructive behavior

Kathleen Parker’s Sept. 6 column, “Trump’s campaign against himself,” is on target. The following are three recent examples of his self-destructive behaviors.

Jeffery Goldberg has written an article published in The Atlantic that catalogs some of President Trump’s disparaging words about American military personnel who have died, been captured or wounded. According to Trump, those who have so suffered are “suckers” and “losers.” It is frightening to think of our men and women going into combat under a commander in chief who devalues their service and lives. He has no reliable moral compass.

Also there have been numerous stories about President Trump’s attempts to dismantle the U.S. Postal Service. He has appointed a postmaster general, Louis DeJoy, who has no previous experience in the USPS, but he is a major contributor to Trump’s campaign. Does Trump have any idea how much the American people depend on the Postal Service for the delivery of prescription drugs, monthly checks, notices, bills, bank statements, etc.? What purpose is served by this assault on an important and needed government agency? Whatever the purpose, it is not on behalf of the American people.

Trump’s reckless predictions and random assumptions about the pandemic persist. There will be a vaccine soon, he tells us, and he is also listening to a radiologist, Dr. Scott Atlas, about the efficacy of “herd immunity” as opposed to the consensus of experts committed to scientific method. He is simply incapable of being president.

Charles Francis Wilson


Gun confiscation

Joe Biden isn’t going to take away anyone’s guns. Barack Obama didn’t do it and Bill Clinton didn’t do it, but Republicans keep trying to scare people with it because that’s all they’ve got.

Republican politicians will, if they can, take away our Social Security and Medicare, though. President Trump has suspended the collection and payment of Social Security payroll taxes. He says he’ll forgive the payments if he’s reelected. That would damage Social Security.

No Republican is ever going to say, “Social Security is in trouble, we’d better raise taxes and put more money into it.” Instead, they do the same thing they’re trying to do with abortion: death by a thousand cuts.

Come on, these rich Republican politicians live for their next big corporate donation. They’d have us all working for a dollar a day if they could. And that’s the direction we’ll go, if Trump is reelected.

Donald Craig


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