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The Readers' Forum: Sunday letters
The Readers’ Forum

The Readers' Forum: Sunday letters

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Equity and justice

“Reparations” may be an ugly term to some (“City council may discuss reparations,” Aug. 24). “Equity” and “justice” may be more palatable. I have a suggestion how we may help remedy the results of slavery. Help the 70% of failing third graders learn to read.

Consult with Winston-Salem/Forsyth County Schools Superintendent Angela Hairston to make a plan to rescue these mostly Black and brown students to receive justice. In one year as a volunteer Augustine reading tutor, the second-grade class where I tutored a child had 19 students and not one read at grade level. One elementary school in our system had only 11% of its third graders reading at level.

Without this skill of reading these students cannot achieve their true potential.

Let’s have smaller classes, tutoring, summer Freedom Schools, assistants in the classroom (none now for second grades and first grades get ½ time). These are some ideas. There are solutions all over the U.S.

It takes money and I suggest this is the best way to amend for the past misdeeds of our ancestors. It is also a prudent economic investment in our future!

Woody Clinard


Clinard is a volunteer for READ WS - the editor


I like numbers. Two plus two equals four. It always has and always will. Whether written on a child’s homework paper, typed into a calculator or used in a word problem (Mom brings home two apples, Dad brings home two apples. How many apples do we have at home?). This is a fact. There is no opinion, discussion or argument about it.

There are numbers associated with COVID-19 that are facts. As of this writing (numbers change daily), the total numbers of cases in the world are 24,209,934 and 5,971,184 are in the U.S. That means 25% of total worldwide cases are in the U.S. Worldwide deaths are 826,559 with 182,944 in the U.S., which means 22% of deaths are in the U.S. ( Only two other countries (out of 215 reporting) have deaths in the millions: Brazil and India. Deaths/million population are 522 for U.S., 550 for Brazil and 44 for India.

These are facts. There should be no opinion, discussion or argument about it. It is extremely hard for me to understand how anyone can’t understand real numbers. To say “this is a hoax,” “I don’t personally know anyone with COVOD-19” or “I don’t believe in the virus” is mind-boggling.

I have said for years that if people showed more kindness and empathy toward others, the world would be a better place. I think I need to add that schools should have required classes on how to research and read numbers.

Christine Kneppelt Duffer


Trump's America

President Trump's America is full of disease, poverty, despair, violence, hatred and death.

Consider voting for Joe Biden. What do you have to lose?

Max Humphrey


A 10-year sentence

President Trump's decision to give a 10-year prison sentence to those who destroy our statues hopefully will work. I still don't understand how you treat crime with kindness.

Peggy Taylor


Broken promises

Broken promise no. 1: Mexico will pay for the wall.

Broken promise no. 2: Repeal and replace Obamacare.

Broken promise no. 3: Drain the swamp.

Broken promise no. 4: Four percent economic growth.

Broken promise no. 5: Releasing his tax returns.

So what’s the real reason for reelecting President Trump?

Matt Dennis



Jacob Blake didn’t kill anyone.

Tamir Rice didn’t kill anyone.

George Floyd didn’t either, nor did Breonna Taylor.

But police officers killed them and conservatives rush to their defense.

That 17-year-old kid with the AR-15 killed two protesters in Kenosha and tried to kill more. And commentators on Fox News praised him. Ann Coulter tweeted, “I want him as my president.” President Trump stood before the nation and made excuses for him.

Why is killing people the conservative solution? Is property truly more valuable than human life?

Every single day, “pro-life” is reaffirmed to be another conservative lie.

Archie Whitt


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