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Open borders

If I heard correctly, and I think I did, several of the Democratic candidates who debated on June 26, including former housing chief Julian Castro, said they wanted to decriminalize crossing the Southern border between the U.S. and Mexico (“Dems clash on health insurance, economy,” June 27). If that’s not calling for open borders, what is it?

Eric Bronski



President Trump tweeted that the first Democratic debate was, quote, “BORING!” I guess that means it was pretty exciting.

On the other hand, I understand from news reports that nobody bragged about the size of their penis, like Trump did in 2016, or implied that an opponent’s father killed John F. Kennedy, like Trump did in 2018. All they did was discuss important issues. Maybe it wasn’t so exciting after all.

Malcolm Ramsey


Higher reparations

Much has been said recently about reparations to descendants of slaves of the African American community. A good and noble idea, but I’ve not heard a wise policy annunciated.

Giving a monetary payment to anyone for this reason is a mistake. How about if legislators helped the African American community with grants toward college education, be it community college, trade schools, apprenticeship programs or four-year colleges? Would that not help those get a leg up on a successful life?

Slavery was despicable. Imagine someone thinking it was OK to enslave another human being. Every American should feel shame toward the founders who built their livelihoods on the backs of slaves. Even after a Civil War was fought, the South did everything it could do — Jim Crow laws, etc. — to keep blacks down on the lower rungs of economic opportunity. It is pathetic to think that a civil rights law was only enacted a hundred years after the end of the Civil War — 1865-1964. I’m not proud to be an American in many ways.

Blacks deserve to be helped. A concerted effort is needed to counter the residual damage of slavery. Assist those through education who otherwise might not be able to afford the cost of higher education.

Gary McCoy


No better

I’m a conservative and yes, I’m embarrassed by President Trump. I’m embarrassed by his lies and his childish insults.

But you know what? If Hillary Clinton had won, this page would be full of letters complaining about her lies and her terrible insults. She would probably be getting along fine with Russian President Vladimir Putin. She’s no better than Trump.

At least Trump loves America.

Barry Matson


Ignoring rule of law

I’m a political independent and see a lot of fault in both major political parties. But when the Trump administration figures fight against subpoenas, it really does diminish our system. It also diminishes the rule of law and reinforces the perception that President Trump thinks that he’s above the law.

I’m not saying he should be impeached for that. But it’s hard to take him seriously when he talks about “law and order” when he’s encouraging his staff to ignore law and order. It’s also hard to take his claims of “no collusion” and “total exoneration” seriously. If he and his associates are innocent, then they should have nothing to fear.

Alan E. Pegram


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