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The Readers' Forum: Sunday letters
The Readers' Forum: Sunday letters

The Readers' Forum: Sunday letters

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For America

On the one hand, Republicans really shouldn’t be surprised that President Trump would be impeached. We saw who he was before the election: a self-aggrandizing, racist, profane, bullying, businessman of shady character who lied as easily as he breathed. In fact, that seems to be why a lot of people voted for him.

We also watched as he invited a foreign power — Russia — to interfere in our election by attacking his political opponent. (“Collusion” hardly matters when he stands on a stage and asks Russia for help.)

On the other hand … well, I can’t think of another hand. He’s just gotten worse over time, claiming that the Constitution gives him the power to do whatever he wants, claiming to be out of reach of any kind of oversight and inviting more foreign powers to interfere in our next election.

This goes further than Republican versus Democrat. The real question is whether we’re going to uphold our Constitution and our American form of government, with its checks and balances, or allow Trump to turn our beloved country into a dictatorship.

I’m for America.

Buddy Osborne


Not about to quit

I can’t believe how obvious is the bias of the Journal, along with the rest of the mainstream media.

The Dec. 5 story, “Legal scholars argue case for impeachment,” begins, “Three leading legal scholars testified Wednesday …” It wasn’t until the seventh paragraph that the AP story got around to mentioning that a fourth scholar, a Democrat who nonetheless opposes impeachment, was part of the proceedings. If you’re going to carry water for House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, you should just admit it up front and call your paper “The Democrat Journal.”

This whole thing is ridiculous. The Ukrainian president has said three times in public that there was no pressure on him to investigate Hunter Biden. The Republicans have not been allowed to call Biden or anyone else as witnesses except a few tokens to make the proceedings appear legit.

But the Democrats have been against President Trump ever since he surprised them and their media enablers by actually winning the election. If it weren’t Russia, it would be something else.

We elected Trump to overthrow the government apple cart, and he’s going to do it no matter how much Democrats whine. Trump’s not about to quit and neither am I. My support is stronger than ever.

Gary C. Parent


A matter of choice?

A letter, “We should love everyone,” was published in the Journal on Nov. 29. Some of the writer’s sentiments are admirable. I appreciate his explanation of agape love, and how we Christians should behave.

He moves from agape love to the despicable lifestyles of gay people. He also lists several of the six classic “clobber verses” lifted from the Bible that people take to mean God disapproves of gay people. Gay Christians are regularly clobbered with these passages. We could also lift the mixed fabrics and tattoo and shellfish passages to be sure God disapproves of a lot of folks, but that’s a letter for another day. I want to address the term “lifestyle.”

A lifestyle is what you decide to do with your life. You can decide to be a farmer in a rural area, a teacher in a city, a bus driver in an urban area, a forest ranger in a park, a frequent traveler, a homebody, a philanthropist, a scrooge, an early bird, a late riser. At any time, if you wish to change lifestyles, you can make it happen. And if you do that, you take your sexuality with you, along with your handedness and your eye color.

If you remain convinced that being a gay person is a lifestyle that is chosen, try this. Choose to be a gay person for a day. If you don’t like it, you can choose to change back after supper.

Mary Jo Whitley


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