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The Readers' Forum: Thursday letters

The Readers' Forum: Thursday letters

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Electing Democrats

As we steamroll into another much anticipated election season, one has to wonder …

Do I want higher taxes, a defunding of police resulting in higher crime? A pro-abortion stance? Unlimited illegal immigration, based on amnesty for millions of illegal immigrants, the proposed elimination of ICE and paid medical care for all illegal immigrants? More government regulations? If that is what you desire, by all means, make sure you vote for Joe Biden and all the Democrats!

Take a careful look at all of the long-term Democrat-held cities and states. Just my humble opinion.

Jim Potter


Carbon emissions resolutions

It’s that time of year again when the heat and humidity make outdoor activities unpleasant for some and impossible for many. But each passing year becomes more dangerous as the heat warnings from our meteorologists increase and as storms become stronger and flooding worsens. These effects of climate change are threatening our way of life and we must not fail to address the threat. Cities across the country are making resolutions enacting goals to lower carbon emissions and reduce the worst impacts of climate change.

Bill Blancato’s guest column, “Will Winston-Salem be a city of innovation and embrace renewables?” (July 17), revealed that the Winston Salem City Sustainability Committee has recommended that the City Council adopt a resolution to transition to 100% renewable energy and to support adoption of the Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act that has been introduced in Congress. The legislation in Congress puts a price on carbon at its source and distributes that money back to families in direct payments. It would create 2.1 million desperately needed jobs over the next 10 years and reduce carbon emissions by 90% by 2050. I want the council to pass this resolution and join 250 other cities across the nation in urging our Congress to enact carbon-pricing legislation. It’s a pity we hadn’t done this decades ago. Hopefully there is still time to act.

Debra Demske


Our nation’s health

Our thoroughly corrupt and entirely self-serving president has decided to attempt to smear our country’s premier epidemiologist, Dr. Anthony Fauci, during a global pandemic.

Dr. Fauci is a gifted, tireless, 79-year-old public servant who, according to his colleagues, has worked 80-hour weeks for decades in the interest of our nation’s health and welfare. His dedication saves lives and prevents suffering.

Even the most incompetent of presidents willing to accept the advice of experts like Dr. Fauci, and to put America first, could have controlled our COVID-19 outbreaks with curve-flattening results similar to those in Canada and Germany. This, at least, would have given our country a summer reprieve from the mounting death toll and hospitalizations.

Whether on circus stilts or a mountain top, President Trump is microscopic in stature compared to Dr. Fauci in his street shoes.

Benita Cole


Well ...

The June 12 letter “Essentials” states:

“An economy is necessary for human existence.”

Well … not really. Not for existence.

“Socialization is needed for mental stability.”

Yes, but that doesn’t mean that being alone every now and then leads to madness.

“Fear is not an option.”

Fear happens, whether one opts for it or not.

“Freedom is essential.”

Essential for what?

As generalities, those sound agreeable enough. But if by “freedom” the writer means, “I’m not going to wear a mask,” she’s wrong; being required to wear a mask is no more representative of losing freedom than having to wear pants. We see millions of Americans wearing masks and they’ve lost neither their freedom nor anything else essential.

After “Socialization is needed for mental stability,” she might have written, “Cooperation is needed for societal health” and that would have been just as agreeable — and more timely.

But if she really thinks that freedom allows her to endanger others, I think her understanding of freedom is warped. I’m not willing to sacrifice my life or anyone else’s for her petulant concept of freedom.

Siri Bruccillieri


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