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The Readers' Forum: Thursday letters

The Readers' Forum: Thursday letters

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Domination won't work

Those who want to see more protests and more violence in the streets should vote to reelect President Trump.

Hear me out.

White police officers keep killing Black people, then there are protests that sometimes lead to destruction because Black people are just sick of being killed by police for trivial reasons or no reason and getting away with it.

Trump’s response is to send more police into the streets. He tells them not to be too gentle. He pines for “the good old days” when police were brutal to protesters.

That’s going to lead to more abuse, more shootings, more protests.

Winston-Salem’s police department has the right approach — de-escalation techniques. That’s why we’ve not had as much destruction here.

But Trump is not only incapable of spelling “de-escalation,” he doesn’t know what it means and would be opposed to it if he did understand it. In his mind, you’ve got to dominate.

But Black people aren’t going to put up with being dominated anymore.

I don’t blame them.

So go ahead, vote for Trump, vote for more white supremacist racial discord and more violence. Trump can’t stop it. And your guns won’t stop it.

The only thing that can stop it is something that Trump isn’t capable of, but Joe Biden is: reconciliation.

Alya Summers


Not a loser

After reading Jeffrey Goldberg’s article in The Atlantic, I was sickened at President Trump’s calling our military "losers" and "suckers." He was degrading the men and women serving, giving their lives and/or health for our country. I feel that it is unjust to turn our heads and say, but he is pro-life or he gave us conservative judges.

My husband, Charles, shortened his life through his service in Vietnam. A 1965 graduate of N.C. State in electrical engineering, he could have accepted a wonderful job. But I remember his words as we talked about our future: “I have to volunteer for military service, it is my responsibility to my country.” Charles served as an Army lieutenant in Vietnam, winning the Bronze Star for valor.

Trump at this time was claiming bone spurs to avoid the draft, reportedly paying someone to take the SAT for him to enter Fordham. According to his sister and niece, he flunked out. With his father’s influence he enrolled in University of Pennsylvania.

Charles was at war — Donald Trump became a playboy and used family money to start a real estate business.

Years later, Charles was disgusted when Trump on late-night TV bragged that his greatest contribution and/or hurdle during the Vietnam War was to avoid contracting syphilis or another venereal disease.

Charles was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease and later Stage 4 colon cancer, due to chemical exposure to Agent Orange. He died at 62 and no, he was not a loser or a sucker.

Susan Allen


A greater benefit

Perhaps a greater benefit of the restrictions placed on the public by COVID-19 is the fact that preventing people from attending events in coliseums, schools, stadiums, gyms, etc., also reduces the chance of terrorist attacks by frustrated schoolchildren and adults on those assembling in various buildings throughout the country and elsewhere. It is one successful approach to preventing the deaths and injury of innocent people.

It does limit everyone, however, because the actions must be so broad. I am not sure that it will ever really end because of that.

Helen Moseley


Voting twice

Attorney General William Barr of the United States of America doesn't know if it's against the law to vote twice because he doesn't know the laws of each state. Houston, we have a problem!

Robyn Mixon



If the coronavirus is not that serious, as President Trump says; if it's just going to go away someday; if the vast majority of cases are mild and we don’t need an accurate count of the infected; and if we've pretty much recovered, then why do we need a vaccine?

Billy Anders


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