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The Readers' Forum: Tuesday letters

The Readers' Forum: Tuesday letters

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Capital ‘B’ is a token

I read Mick Scott’s July 10 column, “Why we’re going to use a capital ‘B’” and although he makes some good points, I still must disagree. If giving a token capital to someone makes them feel better, Scott can live with it, but he and The Associated Press are being racist in these remarks. They are giving a token, which is disrespectful to the recipient and equally unfair to the others. Scott should listen to that inner voice that talks about fairness and equity. Who is the AP or the Journal or Scott to decide if something allows “them” to hold their heads higher? That is not their decision. They should treat everyone fairly and equally and if that means capitalizing every color, so be it.

That is a decision the AP, the Journal and Scott should make, with ease, and I can live with it.

Richard Benjamin


Their statues

If the great-great-grandfathers of the writer of the June 27 letter “Son of the South” fought for their homes, maybe we should have statues for them. Instead, we’ve got statues of a bunch of traitors who fought for a slave state.

Parents: If someone took your children and sold them, where would you want us to put the statue of that person?

Perry Mitchell


Such a liar

Oh, for — “People have seen me wearing a mask,” President Trump said on Wednesday. “I sort of liked the way I looked,” he said. “I’m all for masks,” he said. This, after urging non-mask-wearers to revolt against their state governments and holding rallies with no social distancing that became petri dishes for coronavirus. We’re about a day away from Trump saying, “I wear masks all the time, but the fake news won’t show it.” Then he’ll be waving his arms, saying, “I was wearing a mask before anyone!” He’s such a liar.

Don’t get me wrong — with his sinking polls, and the failure of his happy talk to persuade coronavirus to go away, he’s got to change course, and it’ll be better for the nation if he does. But if he’d done the responsible thing in the first place — really tackling coronavirus instead of just pretending to — he could have saved thousands of American lives.

Gerald Bean


President Trump wore a face mask publicly during a visit to Walter Reed National Military Medical Center on Saturday. — the editor

Putting us at risk

Is one of the planks of the N.C. Republican Party platform to kill as many North Carolinians as possible? With the COVID–19 virus spreading rapidly and the death toll continuing to rise, Republicans are weekly sending bills to the governor that would aid in the spread of the virus and put more of us at risk.

From opening up gyms and bars to forcing hospitals to allow visitors, these bills fly in the face of a raging pandemic. I understand and agree with the notion that businesses need to open up … but not until it is safe. Many states that had liberally opened up or never closed now find themselves having to reverse course and shut down. Gov. Roy Cooper let the data drive decision-making, thereby avoiding a bad situation becoming worse.

The simple acts of wearing a mask or social distancing would go a long way to limiting the spread of the virus, but many Republicans seem to think that this infringes on their personal liberty. Does wearing a seat belt or not smoking in restaurants also cause a problem for these people? How about wearing clothes in public? If some people want to take unnecessary risks with their own lives, so be it. However, I expect our elected officials in Raleigh to be focused on keeping the rest of us safe, and kudos to the governor for doing his job when those around him are not.

John Wigodsky


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