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The Readers' Forum: Tuesday letters

The Readers' Forum: Tuesday letters

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Failed politicians

My generation, following my father’s “Greatest Generation,” has failed our country. Politicians have failed us all. Most of them get to Washington and leave “the people’s business” in abeyance in favor of getting reelected. Ten current, longest-serving senators, five Democrats and five Republicans, have been in Washington 303 years; the longest being a Democrat with 45 years and a Republican with 39 years. Joe Biden served 44 years — 36 years in the Senate and eight years as vice president. Ten representatives, five Democrats and five Republicans, have been in Washington 337 years; the longest, 47 years.

With all this experience, why do so many problems still exist? The list includes racism, hunger, gun control, income inequality, job opportunities, health care, drug costs/addiction, immigration, homelessness, infrastructure, national debt and so on.

Term limits are needed but will never happen as long as Congress has to make it happen. Why would they? Nice pay, retirement and health insurance coverage.

President Trump, not a saint and so easy to dislike, did not in four years create all our country’s problems. Neither has he solved them. On Nov. 3, we will choose between failed long-term experience, Democratic and Republican.

Gen. George Patton was crude, not very well liked, probably told a few lies, slapped a coward soldier, but darn sure knew how to tear through the Nazis.

The choice for president is ours. I hope and pray that we make the right decision.

Clarence Peoples


Endangering all of us

The continuing spread of the coronavirus gets in the way of us all living our lives without interference. Unfortunately, there’s little freedom in the sick ward or graveyard. “Give me liberty and give them death” does not ring so true.

The EMS worker who was asked to put a mask on in Starbucks and the Davidson County commissioner who supported her actions is a travesty for all of us (“Medical professional shunning masks disturbing,” Aug. 8). This is particularly troubling with a health care worker. Instead of just putting on her mask, the EMS worker got defensive and cried that she was being harassed. Maybe she should think about another profession if she has so little regard for other people’s health.

What influences people like this to “thumb their nose” at our health and the health of their families? “You’re not going to tell me what to do” seems to be a common theme among the mask deniers.

There have been so many times in our history when all citizens came together in tragedies, but now, some of our citizens have become so petty and selfish that not wearing a mask seems to be no big deal. What does it take for the mask deniers to realize they are contributing to the continuing hell of this virus? Do they themselves or their family members have to get the virus? They need to ask themselves: Why am I ignoring the awful realities and effects of the coronavirus tragedy?

Mitzi Logan

Rural Hall

A reasonable slogan

As of Aug. 5, according to the Our World in Data organization, the United States had roughly 474 confirmed deaths per million caused by coronavirus. Germany on the same date had roughly 109 confirmed deaths per million. I submit that the reason for this huge difference in deaths is that Germany’s Angela Merkel is a leader who believes in science and created early a national plan to combat the virus. Merkel’s actions were in sharp contrast to our president who is a con man posing as a leader who does not believe in science and did and still does not think we need a national plan.

Studying these figures helped me to realize there is much truth to a tweet I saw from Seth Abramson, the best-selling author of “Proof of Corruption.” Abramson tweets that this is our first presidential election in which, “Vote Him Out Before He Kills You and Your Family” is a totally reasonable campaign slogan for his opponent.

Please vote blue in November. Your life could depend on it.

Rudy Diamond



President Trump has done more to stop TikTok than he’s done to stop COVID-19.

David Devinney


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