I’m 88 years old and have been truly blessed with a good life in the greatest country ever created. I’m a life-long Republican because I have believed over the years that it has been the party that best represented my principles and values of free enterprise, limited government, fiscal responsibility, equal opportunity for all, common decency, integrity and commitment to the common good.

Where did that all go? It apparently has gotten lost in the toxic environment that presently exists in our government. We are now governed by career politicians whose primary mission is to gain power and get re-elected at the expense of solving problems and determining what’s best for our country. I realize this has not happened overnight, but it has only accelerated in recent times. In a short period of time, our current president has added to the abandonment of those principles I hold dear.

This may appear to be a bit cynical, and perhaps it is. I’m from the school of half-full vs. half-empty glass, and much prefer the positive over the negative. I’m looking desperately for some sign that reason can be restored to the way this country is governed. I know it’s out there somewhere. Where is Ronald Reagan when we need him?

Corby Wolfe

Bermuda Run

Free of crime

There seems to be a simple solution to unnecessary deaths, claims of racism, overcrowding in prisons, and the like. The simple solution would be for all of us to commit to a life free of crime.

Crime is a choice. If we all commit to living a crime-free life, there would be no overcrowding in prisons, no homicides, no claims of racism, no violence, no looting, no arrests.

Crime is a choice. Regardless of color, gender, nationality, let’s all make the right choice and live a life of peace.

Judy Manuel


The tipping point

It is an inexplicable bit of profound stupidity. The feds have appropriated billions for North Carolina’s health care needs. The money has been stuck in the North Carolina Senate for many years now. What North Carolina state senator wouldn’t pounce at the opportunity to bring billions to our state?

There is a catch: The money has to be spent in North Carolina, to provide health care to Carolinians, like restaurant workers working for tips or in the chicken processing plants. The money would be paid to hospitals and other medical facilities to cover the costs of care for the poor. Those billions from Washington would soon be running through our cash registers and paychecks. This money would circulate, buying other things and putting people back to work. Perhaps it would be fast enough to avoid the towering recession we all see looming over the horizon.

What’s wrong with taking the money?

Terri LeGrande is running for N.C. Senate, District 31, and would get that money out of the freezer and into circulation.

Forget the inexplicable “why” and think about the “how.” Terri’s seat stands on a knife edge. It might well be the tipping point in the North Carolina Senate.

It is rare that a single seat can tip the scales, but this is one of those times. Terri can be the tipping point. All you gotta do is vote.

Steve Scroggin


What’s the plan?

In response to “The Porch closes after kitchen staffer tests positive for COVID-19” on May 30:

I’m trying to understand, here. Now the business is closed and the staff goes home to quarantine; I assume for at least 14 days. When it reopens, will it not open with the same level of risk as before? Then, somebody tests positive, the business closes and staff goes home to quarantine for 14 days. And then what? What is accomplished? Well, while the restaurant is closed, nobody is exposed there.

Is that our objective now; avoid any chance of exposure, ever? It just does not seem realistic to me.

Brian Lineberry

East Bend

Almost daily

The May 31 letter “Words matter” gave us the appropriate usage for adjectives “ludicrous,” “absurd,” “preposterous,” “ridiculous,” “farcical,” “foolish,” “unreasonable” and “irrational.” The writer certainly knows whereof he speaks. However, I couldn’t help thinking that almost daily we see pronouncements and situations that are all of the above at the same time.

Romaine Poindexter


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