No evidence

The writer of the Feb. 4 letter “An investigation” asserts that the true purpose of President Trump’s impeachment was that the Democrats didn’t want Joe Biden’s Ukraine connections to be examined.

How, then, to explain all the officials who came forward, to the Department of Justice and Houses leaders, to say they were concerned about the illicit pressure Trump put on Ukraine? The Democrats didn’t go seeking them — they came to the Democrats.

And how to explain Trump undermining official U.S. foreign policy — and our Ukraine ambassador — with his personal lawyer, Rudy Giuliani?

And how to explain former National Security Adviser John Bolton’s reported condemnation of Trump’s “drug deal”?

For all the Republicans’ complaints about Joe and Hunter Biden, they’ve produced no evidence that either did anything illegal or immoral.

This is the very definition of a conspiracy theory: a phony baloney story made up with no evidence to support it. Unfortunately, it’s just the kind of thing that appeals to Republicans.

April Reaves


A pathetic view

The Journal’s Feb. 7 editorial, “The questionable acquittal,” is really quite pathetic.

Certainly, Sen. Mitt Romney’s vote to remove the president was a shock, but his motives are irrelevant. What is not irrelevant is the completely bogus House impeachment process. Every aspect was biased, contrived and unfair. The vicious rhetoric of Sens. Jerry Nadler and Adam Schiff, and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, was totally uncalled for.

The Democrats tried to force the Senate to “retry” the flawed House impeachment case. Having none of it, the Senate rightly rejected it all.

A few other observations and thoughts: Pelosi at an earlier date said that she would only move forward with impeachment if the move received significant bipartisan support. Ukrainian aid ended up being given on time and in total. The whistleblower will be exposed as a long-time Democrat activist who colluded with Schiff’s staff to create the impeachment complaint.

President Trump’s approval ratings are now at an all-time high! Come on, Pelosi — let’s try for another one!

Peter T. Wilson


Passion for service

I am writing to support Kathy Manning for Congress in the upcoming March primary election. In these increasingly polarized times, we need strong, experienced leadership in Washington to represent our district and restore our diplomacy. Kathy’s background and pragmatism make her the perfect choice.

Kathy has been an extremely successful lawyer. She has dedicated herself to her community and has worked tirelessly in her charitable endeavors. Kathy can combine all of those skills to advocate for the needs of the people of Forsyth and Guilford counties.

I know Kathy personally and I sense her passion for service. Washington needs to hear her voice to help us move out of the stalemate that presently exists. Join me in voting for Kathy Manning for U.S. Congress!

David B. Freedman


Common courtesy

Where have good old common sense and common courtesy gone?

First we have counties declaring they are “Second Amendment counties.” Does the Second Amendment not protect gun rights already?

Then a candidate for governor, Dan Forest, states that Planned Parenthood was created “to destroy the entire black race.” I know that he wants to become our governor, and I think he likely hopes that remark will help him in some way, but it seems more likely that it will just stir up more squabbling. Common sense tells me we have enough discord without looking for some way to bring more into play.

Last week we had elected government officials displaying childish disrespect for each other when President Trump ignored House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s extended hand — perhaps accidentally or perhaps intentionally. Pelosi, at the end of Trump’s message, made a big show of tearing up her copy of his speech. But then, our own Sen. Thom Tillis posted a video of himself tearing up his copy of articles of impeachment, saying that two can play the game. I see only childishness in these acts. I do not see respect and common courtesy displayed anywhere. All I see is rudeness.

We don’t have to like each other, but in my opinion, we should all respect each other and show courtesy to everyone.

Linda W. Woodard


Training required

Isn’t it cool that the Forsyth County commissioners recognize that the county’s gun owners want to be part of a well-regulated militia protecting our community (“Forsyth latest to become 2nd Amendment county,” Feb. 7)?

When does the training start?

Lisa Lofland Gould


Election letter deadline

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