Stop littering

I would like to talk about trash and how it affects our Earth.

I’m just a student at Summit School and I can’t make big decisions like to get rid of plastic, but if you read this, maybe you can. A lot of plants and animals die because of trash, like pelicans. They see the trash, think it’s fish and dive to get it. And if they don’t get free, they can die.

I’m going to give an example of a bad citizen: my cat. He likes to knock my trash can over in my room.

He likes to litter. He just thinks he can come in and do that. Rude.

But imagine if were a human and he did that to real people’s trash cans before the garbage truck came and the man found trash everywhere. That would be wrong.

And a lot of animals go extinct because of humans. Like the Dodos.

Humans saw them and started eating them. And after a little, while they were gone from the planet. No one from 2019 has seen a Dodo. The only way to see one is in a museum. And that way isn’t as cool as seeing a real one.

This is why we should stop littering and take time to help our Earth.

Audrey Vaders


Temper tantrums

It is amazing how an immature little boy can become president of our country.

He throws temper tantrums on almost a daily basis when he does not get his way or someone disagrees with him. His dictator-like attitude has driven away almost every foreign ally we have had. Instead, he embraces the Russian, North Korean and Chinese dictators he models himself after. I’m sure he would do away with our Constitution if he could — more signs of his immaturity.

We have an opportunity in 2020 to elect to the office of U.S. president someone who is mature enough to care about our nation and its citizens instead of only himself or herself. The question is whether we will do so.

Diana Ward


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