Responsible adults

President Trump has an unbridled tongue these days. So does everyone else. But what is disturbing is the number of people who apparently have nothing better to do than spend their lives obsessing over his every idle utterance.

Inanities that slip from the lips of politicians don’t make the sky fall. Our own collective character failures produce the havoc in the world. Our leaders merely reflect the godless, brutish selves we have chosen to become. As we vote for those whose only capability is passion for trashing the opposition, we shouldn’t be surprised when the lights go out, the roads cave in, children go hungry and unrestrained miscreants crop up everywhere killing and destroying for the fun of it.

If we each devote our energies to doing good, obeying God and building each other, we might find ourselves becoming too busy improving our world and communities to have time to rant over the spewings of muckraking politicians. Isn’t it time to grow up, quit the adolescent tantrums and start behaving and speaking as responsible adults instead of petulant, whining children?

It starts with you and me, not Trump and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

Wade Peeples


Flying a PC flag

I really hate it when local government gives in to minority mob rule. It’s nothing but caving in to political correctness to avoid criticism.

I wonder how much money reality-TV star Marcus Lemonis thinks he’s going to make by refusing to take down the American flag he’s flying over Gander RV in Statesville (“Big flag might stay; ‘The Profit’ might not,” May 30). Is it really going to increase his sales? I’ll bet it does.

The idea that this has anything to do with patriotism is ludicrous. Lemonis could easily fly a flag that met Stateville’s size regulations, but that wouldn’t put him in the public eye. And for Statesville officials to kowtow to him by offering to change the regulation is just embarrassing. Are they going to uphold the law or just change it anytime someone with a TV show and a large fan base complains?

All you freedom flag-flyers out there — remember this the next time you feel like complaining about “political correctness.” It works both ways.

Helen Batterton


Above politics

Some aspects of our government should be above politics. We should have an attorney general who serves the American people, not the president. And the U.S. Census, which is used to get a clear picture of the nation’s population and to allot accurate political representation, should be above politics.

There were already suspicions that the Trump administration added a citizenship question to the census in hopes of gaining partisan advantage. If that wasn’t the goal, Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross should have just dropped it when professional census officials told him the question would skew the results. Instead, he’s forced it all the way to the Supreme Court.

But the new evidence found in the files of redistricting strategist Thomas Hofeller puts the suspicion beyond question (“Files shed light on census question,” May 31). Hofeller wrote that the purpose of the question was to create a structural advantage for “Republicans and Non-Hispanic Whites” and to put Democrats at a disadvantage.

That is disgusting.

I guess that information will now go to the Supreme Court — another institution that should be above politics. The outcome of the census case will show us just how far the court has strayed from that ideal.

When they can’t achieve their goals through legitimate, constitutional means, Republicans seem determined to lie, cheat and steal to get what they want. Their nonsense abortion laws, based on lies, are another example. To me, that smacks of being anti-American.

Jane Freemont Gibson


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