Phase Four set

The front page of the June 6 Journal:

Above the fold: “Seventh day for protests: About 300 march Friday to fight racial injustice.”

Below the fold: “Sheriff to enforce crowd limits at speedway.”

Gov. Roy Cooper belongs in the comics section. As we rely on Cooper’s wisdom and his belief in “science and data” to decide the date of Phase Three, the date for Phase Four is already set: Nov. 3, 2020. It is when North Carolinians go to the polls and put Roy Cooper in quarantine. We need to remind him of our state’s heritage of being “First in Freedom”!

Clifford Lewis


A nonviolent crime

To begin with, the crime, if, indeed it was that (I wouldn’t know a forged bill if I received one and would, therefore, try to spend it; also, I understand that if you receive one from a financial institution you are on the hook for it), was a nonviolent one.

If so, why did four police officers need to respond? Why was George Floyd handcuffed? Why was he face down on the ground? And, most importantly, why were three of the four officers kneeling on him? What in the world were the police officers thinking?

Obviously, they were not thinking that Floyd was a human being who deserved to be treated with respect. This from folks who are charged to protect people.

When a person is unwittingly involved in a crime, she or he can be held accountable. All four officers need to be charged in the death of George Floyd.

Mary Billingsley



Silence is golden. We are taught this as young children. But in the age of Trump, there comes a time when silence, in Washington, by Congress, is gutless, wrong and even deadly.

Congressional Republicans should have spoken up loudly when President Trump humiliated a Gold Star family. They should have voiced their opposition to his standing up for the Nazi-loving protesters in Charlottesville. Screams should have been heard across the country when Trump sided with Vladimir Putin over our intelligence agencies, or tried to bribe Ukraine, or during his spreading of vile, hurtful conspiracy theories.

And now, Trump lies on and on that the pandemic has moved on, we are safe and in the recovery stage. Even though all scientific evidence shows we are still in harm’s way, and in a fragile situation. A situation where our behaviors of safe distancing, wearing masks and avoiding crowds is essential to our health and life, and that of our family and friends.

Do the Republicans say a word to warn Americans that Trump is misleading them into a false reality about this pandemic? Do they scream out what Americans need to do to stay safe, healthy, alive?

Silence. Only silence.

Kathi Diana



As convener and member of the Northeast Ward Municipal Committee, I am proud to have worked with leaders using their various knowledge and talents (thank you Eunice Campbell for your analytical prowess), who produced and put forward a transparent process to elect, on May 23, our interim representative to the Winston-Salem City Council.

Congratulations to Morticia “Tee Tee” Parmon, our newly elected interim representative for the Northeast Ward (“Parmon appointed to the late Burke’s seat,” June 2). Thank you for putting yourself in the election process as a candidate for this interim position. You have served your country, worked in the community and we know you will serve us well as our Northeast Ward interim representative.

Chenita Johnson



Oh the absurdity of the June 6 front-page headlines!

“Seventh day for protests,” where about 300 march shoulder to shoulder, some with masks, others without, in protest — yay for freedom of speech! Yay for freedom of choice!

Then, “Sheriff to enforce crowd limits at speedway,” only 25 spectators at a time ... per Gov. Roy Cooper’s order. It’s apparent the state of North Carolina, particularly the governor’s office, has double standards, maybe even triple or quadruple! Our governor cares nothing about the economy of Charlotte in forcing the GOP to meet elsewhere and he cares nothing about a small-town racetrack’s shaky financial state.

I’m not even going to address the A4 headline, “Cooper vetoes bill to let N.C. bars serve.” Truly, no care for North Carolina’s economy.

Faith A. Hill


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